Monday, October 31, 2016

Halloween Costumes

Both girls wanted to be fairy princesses this year.  I think Claire would have changed her mind to be whatever Natalie wanted though.  Last year they were both dinosaurs because Claire wanted to be whatever Natalie was, and this year went the same way.

I kept going back and forth trying to decide if/how I wanted to make their skirts.  I finally found a tutorial online that I thought I could do and I like this look of this better than just tying the tulle onto a waist band like I've seen so many times.

This is the tutorial I used, and then I hot glued flowers onto the tulle.  This is how their skirts came out:

I made their wings out of clothes hangers, tights and battery operated lights off of Amazon.  I grabbed some of their white tights that they never use and cut them up to cover the wires, and then decorated them with glue and glitter.  I stuck a giant flower in the middle to hide where I attached the battery pack for the lights.

They got to wear their costumes 3 different times and they looked different every time :)  The first time they didn't wear their skits, but they still looked ADORABLE in their dresses from Old Navy... They wore those pink dresses underneath their skirts every time but I think it was a stinking cute costume with just the dress.

The next time they got to wear them they were worn with their complete costume.

And then finally on their actual night to trick or treat we had to add sweaters because it was freezing, and they decided they didn't want their headbands...

Oh, and Claire wanted socks... and capris...

These are their fairy poses.

Now Levi's costume!!! I've been waiting and waiting to make one of my children be Harry Potter for Halloween.  I can't believe I didn't make one of the girls do it actually... I guess I was saving it for the perfect little boy to do it for me.

He HATED those glasses and I don't blame him, but... does it get any cuter than this??? I think not.

I made his scarf, tie, Hedwig and the envelope.  I guess I kind of made his robe.  I took one of the Natalie's black shirts that had some white paint on the front and cut it down the middle, then made a hood out of some jersey knit fabric and just sewed it on.  It worked out pretty well and I wasn't real concerned with it looking like a real Harry Potter robe so I was happy with it.

I don't have a better picture of Hedwig I don't think.  He wasn't the most attractive owl, but again it worked.  I sewed a loop of elastic to the bottom of the envelope so Levi is kind of wearing it like a bracelet.

His grey sweater is from H&M.  I got his white collared shirt at a consigment store.  His pants are just normal black baby pants from some store I can't remember and his little black shoes are from Old Navy.

The glasses came from Amazon and I popped the lenses out.

I guess you can see Hedwig pretty well in this picture.  Sorry Hedwig...

Cutest Harry Potter of all time.