Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Claire's Birthday

A little late, but here are some pictures from Claire's 3rd birthday party!

I love love love this little goofball.  She's the cutest, sweetest little thing and everyone she meets is her new best friend.  I envy that about her :) She is such a little chatterbox and she says the most hilarious things.  She mispronounces the cutest words and has such a funny way of talking.  I love it because Natalie has always spoken so clearly and enunciates so well... and Claire sounds how a 2-3 year old should sound :)  

My favorite mispronunciation might be how she says ''Bassert'' instead of ''Dessert''.  Cutest.kid.ever.

I could keep her this age forever.

 Levi is modeling one of her presents.

She stuck her lip right on the candle.

I just love her so much.  You'll never meet a bigger sweetheart.  She is also little miss attitude when she wants to be, but aren't we all? :)

Happy 3rd birthday little Claire Bear!