Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Claire is Two!!!

  Well, Claire is two years old today and it is blowing my mind. 


I may or may not have cried this morning when I was holding her and telling her about when she was born.  Oh my heart.

(here is her birthday slideshow that I feel pressured to make, but also secretly love doing)

Where has the time gone??? Wasn't Natalie just turning two?  Wasn't Claire JUST BORN???  Wasn't Natalie just born?  How old am I?


We had her birthday party on Saturday.  She had a great day despite going to the Emergency Room the night before.  She was in a box (?) on the love seat on the back porch and fell off.  She either bit her lip or hit it, or both, and busted her lip open.  I was at Walgreens getting medicine because I had a terrible cold and got a call from Michael with Claire screaming in the background.  My mom and I got home and found them both covered in her blood.  I took one look at her lip and decided she needed to get it checked out.  I'm glad my mom was here so she could stay home with Natalie.

Claire's lip looked really deep to me and I didn't feel comfortable just deciding for ourselves whether or not she needed stitches, so off we went.

 The nurse that saw her seemed to think she would need some, but after the doctor checked her out she said it wasn't deep enough to need stitches and lips heal on their own really well.  So, that was a relief.  She didn't even cry on the way there so it wasn't like it was too terribly scary or traumatizing as far as that goes.  I always imagine drives to the emergency room to be awful, but this was ok.  However, she did scream her brains out as soon as we got back into the room with the nurse because she haaaaaates doctor's with a passion (she goes to her two year check up tomorrow, it will be a blast). But, she was fine.  She got a popsicle and we didn't have to hold her down while she got stitched up so it turned out pretty well for us all.  I was so relieved that she was fine. 

She is the best.  She's so loving and sweet and hilarious and goofy and fun and just all the good things you could ever imagine.  She is definitely still a little stinker sometimes of course, but man... I just want to keep her this age for the rest of my life.  She makes me so happy.


I don't even know what to say about her.  I wish I had kept up with writing about the girls more.  They are my favorite things ever.  Being their mom is the most ridiculous blessing and I can't get over the fact that I get to hang out with them all day every day.  It's totally exhausting and totally awesome.  I wouldn't want to be anywhere else.  They are the best kids ever. 


Claire has her 2 year appointment tomorrow so we'll see how teeny tiny she is.  I can definitely tell she's gained weight but I have no guess as to how much.  She's still shorter than every other 2 year old I see, and most 18 month olds... I just love that she's such a little munchkin.


She loves her sister so incredibly much, but she's also a big troublemaker.  She starts 97% of the fights between the girls.  Natalie has gotten to the point where she's more reasonable about things and will talk it out (not always of course) and ask/tell  Claire to stop doing things if she doesn't like it, but Claire just goes nuts and immediately starts to scream so there's no chance of having a conversation with her.


 I usually have to take her away from Natalie and then talk to her.  Whenever she's "in trouble" or getting talked to about something she was doing that she shouldn't have been doing, she looks so sad and just nods her head constantly while you're talking like she's really listening and understanding and knows she was being a punk.  Oh I just love her.


She does and says so many hilarious things lately, she cracks me up all day long.  Even though she is the fight starter, she's also just the sweetest little love bug ever.  I'm so happy I got a little cuddle buddy because Natalie wasn't ever very cuddly.  She just wanted to go off and do her own thing right away.  Claire loves to sit and be held and twirl my hair.  She's done that since she was a baby and she still does it all the time.  It's just such a habit now.  As soon as she gets close to me she reaches out for a handful of my hair.  It makes my heart happy.


She will be the first one to tell you she's tiny.  She always announces it randomly.  Yesterday coming downstairs from putting Natalie to bed she was saying "I'm so tiny.  I'm teeny tiny Claire Bear.  I'm so cuuuute."  No idea where she gets that from...  It couldn't possibly be that her mom thinks she's the cutest little tiny lady ever and hears it pretty frequently... The picture above was probably my favorite moment of the party.  When she opened the shoes we bought her she made the face she makes every time she talks about something being cute and little and said "I got teeny tiny shoes!".  Ugh.  I could eat her up.  The shoes are teeny tiny and still too big for her.  Hilarious.


She is still obsessed with her pacifier unfortunately.  We were trying to break her of it for a little while and then she got a terrible terrible rash so we gave it back to her to try to help her feel a little better.  Since then I've just been letting her have it... I don't like her to have it during the day but sometimes she sneaks one and sometimes I just forget about it, so she's still using it pretty often.  Like the picture below... It hadn't been taken away yet.


Some day she'll give it up.  No idea when that will be.

(two of her cute presents: a shopping cart and one of the adorable donuts kristin knitted for her)
She's gone potty on the toilet a few times recently which I find hilarious.  She did it once today and it just cracks me up.  She wants to sit on it a lot to be like her big sister I think, but sometimes when she's in the bath tub (or if someone else is going) she'll say she wants to go potty.  So I put her on it and then she actually goes...?  So weird.  I'll take it though.  We aren't actually going to start potty training her for a while, but maybe she'll get the hang of it right away since she is already showing an interest and knows when she needs to go.  We'll see.  In like 6 months.


Basically she just makes me so happy and proud and all sorts of sappy feelings.  I love her so much.  I'm so so so so so so thankful she's mine.  God gave us a pretty amazing gift when He gave us that girl.  She brings SO much joy and laughter to our family and I am forever grateful for the past two years with her.  She's amazing and so special and the perfect little fit for us.


Happy second birthday, beautiful girl.  I love you I love you I love you.

I'll go rock her to sleep and cry now.

Best two years ever.