Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Three Years Old


This little girl of ours turned three today, and she is the best thing ever.  


This will probably mostly be picture heavy, because there's just too much to say about her that I might not even try.  She's so awesome.  She has grown up so much this past year, and I literally can't even put into words how much I love her or how much joy it brings me to spend my days with her and Claire.  Seeing every new thing they learn and hearing every new thing they have to say.  It's the best.  I am so blessed to get to be here and have this life with them.

She has had some rough days lately with some extreme grumpiness and not so nice behavior.  I'm hoping this isn't how her life as a three year old is going to go.  It has not be pleasant.  The last few days have been better than last week was, but still not great.  She wasn't feeling well last week, and maybe that ickiness is still lingering and causing her grouchy little attitude.  Let's hope she feels better soon if that's the case!

I couldn't love her more though.  Even when she's being a stinker and getting in trouble, she still just wants a hug from me.  She comes to me for everything.  I get so worried about her when I'm not around, because I am her comfort.  I love that so much, but also wish she'd let other people love her up like she lets me.  


Claire is majorly in love with her, as we all are.  Natalie loves Claire too, but isn't nearly as loving towards her as I would like :)  

She's still a picky eater, but it doesn't worry me quite as much as it used to... I keep thinking some day she'll figure out that food is delicious, but so far it hasn't happened.  She stopped napping a few months ago but still goes up to her room for rest time every day.  I need it, and so does she.  She sits in bed and reads books to herself the entire time.  She flips through and recites what she has memorized, otherwise she just makes it up.  It's my favorite thing ever to listen to the stories she makes up.

(We celebrated by making a nest and watching Tom and Jerry Christmas episodes and eating popcorn for dinner.  That's my kind of birthday!  We also drove around to find a house whose lights were timed to the Frozen soundtrack.  She slept through it.  I enjoyed it though :) )

She basically narrates her life.  She'll say something and then say "Said Nat" right afterwards.  It's so hilarious and awesome.  She hit her head on a chair one time and was genuinely sad and crying a little bit, but she still managed to pause to say "cried Natalie in her house" then resumed crying.  I find her pretty amusing.

She just impresses me on a daily basis.  I love her so much.  I'm so excited for her to get older and just be my little buddy, and to teach her things and have long conversations with her... but don't think I haven't watched her first and second year slideshows with tears in my eyes this week.  Multiple times.  

I'm in the process of making her third year slideshow and I'm wondering how many more years I can keep this up :) Not many, probably.  Also, the sappy songs are killers but that's kind of the point of being a mom right?  Just being a sappy puddle of love for your kids?  I'm there.

I love her so much.  I hope she knows it, even when I'm not happy with how she's acting.  I hope she knows I just want to sneak into her room and hug her at night and how I want to just hug her all day long and run my fingers through her long wild hair...  Tonight when we were putting her to bed, I finished the two (too long) books I read her and then she said "Mom, you can sleep with me" and I really really wanted to do it... but Claire was still up and I have other things to do, and I don't really want to go to sleep at 8 o'clock.  Normally she's in bed at 7:30, but we were off tonight.  

I just don't want her to grow up on me... but I also can't wait.  It's confusing.  I can't wait to see who she becomes.  Hopefully the past week isn't a glimpse into the future, but rather a shortly lived phase.  Let's pray it's the latter.  I need it to be.  If that's not the case I'm going to have to have some lessons in patience.  I just want her to grow up and be happy and kind and loving and have a heart for God as huge as His heart is for her. 


Ok, this was more writing than I intended to do, but there's just too much goodness about her.  I wish I had been writing here throughout the past year.  There's so much that happened and so much I've already forgotten.  I'll try to be better from year 3-4.  

Anyways.  Happy happy happy birthday to my beautiful little Natalie!  My three year old.  I love her more than I ever thought possible. 

Oh, and Michael built me a mantle!!!!!!

I'm obsessed.