Monday, April 28, 2014

Nine Months Old

Ugh.  Nine months old.  This little girl's life is moving wayyyy too quickly for my liking.  I seriously feel like she was just born.  There is no way she is nine months old.  

 She is the biggest sweetheart in the world, but she definitely has her people that she's happiest with.  Like me, for instance ;) I kind of love it.  If I'm in the room, she wants me to be the one holding her a good amount of the time.  She loves Michael a bunch too though.  It's pretty adorable.

She still does her silly little inchworm crawl, but she is crawling on her knees more and more.  She's obviously capable of it but she's so stinking fast when she does her belly scooting move.  I can't even call it an army crawl because it's just not... it's interesting to watch.  I love it when she crawls on her knees though.  Everything she does is just too cute.  

She is pulling herself up to standing just over the last week or so.  It's, again, sooo cute... but scary.  Her balance is not wonderful yet so it makes me nervous, but I usually just let it play out.  She gets better and better every day.  She's not even close to walking I don't think, but you never know.  I can't even believe that Natalie was walking at 9 months... Trying to imagine Claire walking at this age (height) just kills me.

I almost wish Natalie hadn't done everything so quickly, because now that Claire isn't doing those things at the same age I am constantly comparing them.  I don't even care that she isn't doing that stuff, but it still pops into my mind all the time that Natalie was.  Tricky girls.

 (I could not keep her little butt in that chair, it was unreal.  She was trying to dive off every chance she got)

She is shorter than Natalie, if you can believe that.  We'll find out how much shorter at her appointment tomorrow, but if our measurements are close at all then she's pretty dang short.  But ridiculously cute, obviously :) Our kids are just teeny.

She's eating like a champ still.  She will eat anything we give her.  She's off of babyfood and has been for a while, but sometimes I'll give her a bit just to get rid of what we have in the kitchen... She still likes it, but it's just easier and more fun to give her real food that she can pick up and feed to herself.

I think bananas and avocados are her favorites.  She loves apples, sweet potatoes, carrots, pears... everything.  I love it.  

She has two adorable teeth and her hair is starting to grow slightly more... It's getting thicker at least. 

She is pretty much always happy, it's amazing.  Her big sister is starting to get a little territorial with toys and things which is a bummer, so whenever Natalie takes a toy away from her or pulls her hands off of things or pushes her (ugh) it makes her pretty sad, understandably.  Poor Claire.  We are trying to tell Natalie very nicely that it hurts Claire's feelings when she does those things to her.  Sometimes she will say ''sorry Claire'' and give her a hug, but not always.  Big sisters are just jerks.  

That's for the one person who reads this ;)

Speaking of Kristin, Claire loves to hug these dolls that she got for Christmas.  It is pretty stinking adorable.

I just cannot get enough of her.  I really can't.  I don't know how many times I day I kiss her little cheeks and tell her how cute and sweet she is.  Ah.   She is talking/babbling/squealing all day long.  She does say mama and dada, but not really knowing she is saying them I don't think. 

She's the best.  She sleeps great, eats great, is a happy girl, loves her big sister so stinking much even when she may or may not deserve it and is just the sweetest little thing.  Gah.  I'm obsessed with her.  

I have two pretty awesome little buddies to spend my days with and I am extremely grateful.  I could definitely use a break away from this house every once in a while, but I can't imagine being anywhere else than here with them.  We have an amazing little family and I love them all so much.  I am so thankful for these three people.