Monday, March 3, 2014

Seven Months Old

(This is late.  Again.)

I am running out of ways to say that I love this girl.  She's 7 months old and every day I love her more and more.  She's so awesome.

Her big blue eyes, her chubby cheeks, her huge smiles and the way she scrunches her eyes when she does it... They're the best.  

She is not crawling yet but getting so so so so close!  Every day I'm sure she's going to do it, but she just keeps rocking back and forth, and going backwards instead of forwards.  So close.  It's impossible not to compare her to Natalie.  Natalie crawled at 6 months. And I'm pretty sure by 7 months she was pulling herself up.  Natalie has always seemed so much older than she is, it's crazy.  Even as a tiny baby she seemed old somehow.  Claire is just a sweet little baby through and through :) She's so content to just sit and watch what's going on.  It's probably a good thing she isn't crawling yet honestly.  I don't think we're prepared.

Her face.  Ah. 

I just love her.  She looks chunky but she really isn't.  It's tricky.  Everyone always thinks she's going to be heavy and are so surprised when she isn't.

She is obsessed with baby food.  She's actually kind of over purees already I think.  She wants puffs all day long.  Puffs or any other kind of finger food.  Cheerios... pieces of rice cakes... She does like avocados and bananas but they are a little harder to pick up so she isn't as fond of those.  She just wants food nonstop.  She was eating an entire container of baby food in one sitting... even right when we first started... but lately she's slowing down and only wants the finger foods.  Silly girl.  But I LOVE that she loves to eat.  Thank goodness one of our girls does.

She loves Natalie, and Natalie loves her.  Natalie isn't super interested in babies in general, but she does love Claire.  I can't wait for them to actually play together.  It's going to be amazing.  Last night at dinner, Michael was telling a story and got really loud at one point.  Claire is THE jumpiest baby ever.  Everything makes her jump.  It's kind of sad actually :) But he got loud and she started to whimper because it scared the crap out of her.  Natalie started saying ''Aw, it's ok Claire.'' and then after that ''Oh she's sooo cute'' a few times.  I love them.  Natalie always goes to console Claire when she fusses now, which isn't often, but I love it so much.

She's still kind of being crazy about her sleeping.  She takes good naps, but still wakes up at night at least once.  Most nights lately we're down to once per night, but the other night she was awake like 3 times.  What. the. heck.  No thank you.  I know it won't last forever so it isn't bothering me a whole lot.  I don't enjoy waking up in the middle of the night at all, but as long as she goes right back to sleep and I go right back to sleep I'm ok with it I guess.  Ask me in a week if I still feel the same way and I might feel differently though.  I like sleep.

I just can't wait to see what she's like as she gets older and older.  She's such a good little baby. 

I can't wait to get back outside and take the girls for walks again.  Claire will actually get to sit in the stroller seat now rather than in her car seat!  I find that really exciting.  We went for tons of walks before it got cold but she was so little still.  It will be so much more fun now that she's older and can actually look around and take it all in rather than just fall asleep every time.

Have I mentioned I'm in love with the fact that she's blonde??? I so am.  Obsessed.  It will probably get darker, but for now I have a little blonde baby and that is awesome.

I really do just love her a ton.  There is a lot more to say, but I can't think of what else to update on.  She's a happy little girl.  SOOOO different than her sister was.  Natalie was insanely happy too.  The way she still is.  Happy and squealy and goofy.  Claire is happy and quiet and smiley and just... content and calm.  Most of the time.  Natalie has been a little go getter from the start.  Still is.  I love that about her so much, but I'm loving seeing how Claire's personality is turning out too.  So fun.

Sister pictures, because they are the best kids ever.  My favorites.  Of all time. 

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