Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Natalie's First and Second Year Slideshows

I made a video last year for Natalie's first birthday and never posted it.  I was reminded yesterday that I had started a video for her second birthday and never finished it... so I finished it last night!  A month and a half late, but it's done!

Here is her first year's video:

And second:

I can't believe how much this girl has grown over the past year.  It is making me pretty ridiculously emotional, honestly.  When I was working on it last night she would walk over to watch some of the videos with me as I went through them, and I kept making comments to her about how cute she was.  I was also making comments to Michael about it making me insanely sad that she's grown up so much. He was like "You have another one right here!" and pointed at Claire who was laying on the floor staring at me adorably.  It's true, but not the same.  Little baby Natalie... She was amazing.  She still is, but you know what I mean.  

Finally finishing this video was just what I needed.  I am not always the most patient person in life, and Natalie can definitely be frustrating... but going through old photos and videos was like taking a big giant chill pill and also a pretty huge slap in the face.  I will never ever ever again have her at the age that she's at right now, and I can't get those old days back.  So I'm going to kiss her and hug her and enjoy her as much as possible.  I'm going to try my very hardest to always make her feel as loved as possible. She is seriously an amazing girl.  So smart and silly and beautiful and just perfect.  Yes she can be crazy and throw fits and act like any other two year old... but she is mine and I love love love love love the crap out of her.

These two little girls of mine own my heart and make my life amazing.  They are the biggest blessings ever and I hope that they know how much we love them. 

I'm seriously considering just letting this house turn into the biggest pig sty ever just so I can sit and stare at these girls and hope that they'll stop growing up on me.

I am so insanely grateful for this life and family of mine.  Ugh.  My heart hurts... in a pretty amazing way.

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