Sunday, December 29, 2013

Five Months Old

(I'm a day late with this, but if you knew what this house has been like this week you'd understand.  And maybe give me a cookie for getting this done at all.)
Claire is 5 months old!  The poor girl had to spend her 5 month birthday sick though.  Vomiting and other issues that I won't go into... but I feel pretty bad for this cute little baby.  She's handling it pretty well though. She is mostly just not very smiley or acting like herself.  She isn't overly fussy which I definitely appreciate considering her old sister is whiny enough for the both of them.  That is true any day of the week, but when Natalie is sick it's apparently FIVE BILLION times worse.  Someone save me.


Claire is rolling now!  Both ways!  I'm excited.  And she's getting really good at sitting up.  She leans way too far forward so she's not quite there yet, but she can sit on her own for a bit before she eventually falls sideways or backwards.  Michael's dad left her sitting on her own on Christmas day and walked away assuming that she can sit up already :) Not that her falling over would've been the worst thing in the world but I had a second of panic before I jumped up to sit behind her.  

Speaking of Christmas, this girl go to celebrate her first Christmas day and it was pretty exciting for me.  I'm not going to lie though, Christmas basically sucked for this little family of mine this year.  Lots of being sick and not enough spending time with family... but I'm still extremely grateful for all of our blessings.  We've got lots and lots and lots of them.
Claire is getting so good at grabbing stuff.  I swear she's a little ninja baby or something.  I'll grab something and not have it within her reach for more than a second before she's got her hands on it.  It cracks me up sometimes how fast she is... 

She is talking and cooing and smiling more and more, and I had her laughing pretty hard earlier this week before this virus got ahold of us all.  I can't get her to do it again of course, but it was absolutely the cutest thing ever.  For some reason she really loves her daddy... don't ask me why.  Kidding, obviously.  But I think the sound of his voice is one of her favorite things which is pretty stinking cute.

I'm getting behind on her baby book, but I'm having so much fun comparing the girls.  Claire was a month behind Natalie on the whole rolling over from back to tummy thing.  I can't wait to see when she sits on her own, crawls, pulls herself up, walks and talks!  I'm a little scared for her to crawl though because she is going to terrorize Natalie.  I'm not sure I'm ready to have to jump up and grab her every time she's close to knocking over whatever Natalie is doing.  Or to console Natalie every 5 seconds because her sister knocked over her toys.  Ay yi yi, it's going to be fun...  I actually think Natalie will think it's really cool when Claire starts crawling and playing more though.  I could be wrong though.  We'll be finding out soon.

They are pretty cute sisters.  I kind of like them just a little bit.  

I REALLY can't wait to see what Claire's hair looks like as she grows up.  Two curly haired girls would be adorable, but I'm sort of hoping it's a little easier to manage.  Claire's hair is going to be lighter I'm pretty sure and she's got me hoping for a little blonde baby so badly :) Cute cute cute.


She's still super happy and an awesome baby, but I think she's ready to be able to do some new things.  I remember Natalie was right around this age when she was just so sick of having to lay down all of the time and she was so happy as soon as she could sit up.  I think Claire is ready for that too.  It will be fun to let her sit and play.

She's pretty awesome and adorable and we love her so much.  

It's probably my favorite thing ever when Natalie talks to her.  They were taking a bath together last night and Natalie was putting toys in her hand and saying ''There you go Claire'' and Claire would actually grab them from her.  It was just cute.  I could've watched it all night probably.  They both love bath time.  

I'm making a prediction that she'll be sitting on her own by 6 months.  If that doesn't happen I'll be very surprised considering she's doing pretty good at it already.  But we'll see!  I'm ready to see what the next month brings.  I think we'll also start cereal very soon and I'm super anxious to see how she'll do with that... Natalie refused to be a normal eater from day one, so I am hoping Claire is a little bit more accepting of food going into her mouth.  I'm guessing she will be.  They are two very different children but I love the crap out of them both so much.

 And here is the monthly comparison of the girls.  Natalie's pictures are always so much better when I go back and look through these!  Poor Claire.  I don't know why that is the way it is, but... oh well I suppose.  

Pretty cute kids if you ask me :)

I like how their arms and legs have the same little creases where their rolls are :)

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