Saturday, September 28, 2013

Two Months Old

What did we do before this girl was here?  Seriously.  I feel like she's always been here, but two months is really not very long... I love this little baby so much.

 (She learned this look from me, I'm sure)

She is the sweetest little baby, I can't get over it.  I love love love the sound of her coos.  I can't describe it but she makes this little throaty rattly noise when she's talking and it is the best thing in the world.  It seriously melts my heart... I'm obsessed with that sound.

It seems ridiculously early, but she started rolling from her stomach to her back at 7 weeks old.  Looking through Natalie's baby book it says that she did the same at 11 weeks old.  It is going to be so fun to compare things like this! I'm excited for it.

Claire also started grabbing onto toys hanging from her play gym this week, so that's been kind of fun to look over and see her holding onto a toy. 

It is still so so funny and strange to me how different she and Natalie look.  I absolutely can't wait to see what Claire is going to look like.  Her hair is lighter than Natalie's was, but both girls have/had some red in their hair.  Natalie lost hers, but she had it for quite a while.  Claire even has some really blonde hair it seems like so it's going to be exciting if we have a little blonde baby :) 

She goes to her 2 month check up on the 2nd, so I'll have her stats then.  I'm betting she'll weigh 11 pounds and be 22 inches long.  Yes Kristin, I'm aware your children were this size when they were born.  Sucks to be you!  Just kidding... But I'm not jealous of your ginormous babies :)

 Some of these pictures totally freak me out because I can see so much of me in her, but I really don't see it that much in person.  But the above picture looks like so many of my baby pictures, it's ridiculous.

She is definitely talking more, but I think Natalie was way more talkative even this young... which now is not surprising because the girl can't be quiet for ANYTHING.  I love it, but she really does not stop talking... Ever.  Again, I just can't wait to see what Claire is like!  Michael and I have been comparing the girls a lot lately if you can't tell.  They just seem so different already, so we are really excited to see how Claire is when she's a bit older.

She is an amazing amazing sleeper.  Starting a couple of weeks ago she's sleeping at least 7 hours a night, sometimes close to 9.  It's awesome.  The first time she did it I was amazed, and the next morning I loved her even more ;)  Really though, she's the best.  I like sleep.  Actually I still like to wake up really early, but not because I have to.  I like to get up and have some time to just relax and sit around before one or both of them wake up.  This works out for me about 6 days a week.  Sometimes Claire will wake up and try to stay awake a little earlier than I'd like, but I don't think that has happened more than once in the past few weeks, so it's going pretty great!!

 She is being baptized tomorrow and I can't wait to see her in her little dress.  It is actually my dress from my baptism, so that is pretty fun.  I am hoping to dig up a picture of me wearing it, but who knows when that will happen or if one exists.

Claire is just such a pink perfect little girl.  She's always got a pink glow to her skin and I love it.  Natalie was always and is still so pale.  How many more times can I mention how different they are so far?? 

The clothes came off and I decided she was still way too cute not to take pictures of.

She is the perfect addition to this little family of ours.  She's just so precious and sweet and easy going and I am so so so grateful for her.

 Natalie totally loves her now, by the way.  She likes to give her kisses, and she gets really excited when I bring Claire up to her room when I'm getting her up in the morning or from nap.  She smiles so big and says ''Claire!'' when we walk in the door and it makes me ridiculously happy.  

Oh these girls... I couldn't love them any more than I do. 

Here's Natalie at 2 months, and Claire at 2 months.

It cracks me up to look at Natalie's monthly pictures, by the way.  No idea why I find it so hilarious, but look at her!  She was a baby! 

Yes I picked matching weirdo faces on purpose.  Babies are hilarious...

Happy Two Months, Claire!!!!

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