Thursday, August 29, 2013

One Month Old

(Can we pretend like I posted this yesterday??? Ok thanks.)

I know people always say this, but... how in the world is she one month old already?  Seriously the fastest month of my life.  If this is how fast time is going to fly by with two kids... I'm not ok with it.  At all.

Let me start off by saying how much I love this kid... It's a lot.  She's stinking cute, a good sleeper, a good eater and she's making having two kids really easy on me so far.

Now let me admit to how tired I am.  Um... really tired.  Really just the last few days honestly, but I'm exhausted.  Like so tired I can't see straight sometimes.  It's a little ridiculous actually.  It's my fault too though.  I do not let myself rest during the day and try to just stay busy and get things done rather than try to nap or even just lay/sit down.  Me sitting here typing this and doing nothing else at the same time is kind of giving me anxiety because I know there are other things I could and should be doing.  I might go crazy if I don't get up soon honestly, but I'll try to at least finish this. (Obviously that did not happen.....)

Ok, so Claire is awesome.  And Natalie likes her a lot more now so that is making me really happy too.

We are going out of town this weekend for the first time since she was born and I'm a little nervous, but hopefully it will work out. I am going to attempt to give Claire her first bottle some time today or tomorrow so that if she wants to eat while we are in the car this weekend we won't have to stop so I can feed her.  I'm not expecting her to have any problems doing that, but we'll see I guess.  Let's hope it works.

One kind of big difference between the girls that I've noticed so far is that Claire does not like having a wet or dirty diaper at all.  Natalie seriously never cared.  She never made one peep about having a wet diaper, I swear. Claire likes to be dry.  I don't blame her, but it's interesting to actually have to change her when she's wet because she's unhappy about it.  It makes me appreciate Natalie not caring :)

She won't go back to the doctor for another month and then I can compare their weight and lengths.  This is what excites me now... comparing my kid's stats.  I'm cool.

Natalie and Claire could not look any more different if you ask me.  Claire seems so much chubbier to me for one thing but it's so hard to remember. We didn't ever get Natalie weighed around the time when she was 1 month old, and the only reason Claire got weighed is because I'm a paranoid freak and I took her to the doctor on Friday.  She has gained almost 3 pounds.  I'm betting she's gained a full 3 pounds by now.  I was kind of impressed with her for that :) 

Here is a comparison of the girls each at one month old.  Wearing the same outfit because I couldn't resist...

Seeing Natalie at a month old cracks me up. I can't wait to see what Claire looks like when she gets older.  I can't get over how different they look...

So, now let me also say that I am a bad mom... Maybe I can blame the tiredness, but sometimes I forget Claire's birthday... and her middle name... and maybe once I forgot her first name for longer than acceptable.  People in the grocery store will ask me these things and I seriously have to stop and think for wayyy way way too long.  Poor girl.  Hopefully I'll get better as time goes on and my brain starts working again. 

But I really like her.  I can't wait for her to start doing cool things... like holding her head up on her own.  That would be awesome.  I feel like I'm trying to carry around a 9 pound rag doll over my shoulder all day (because she likes to be upright looking around) while still doing everything else I need to be doing.  If you could see the way I walk while I try to do this you would feel really sorry for my back/neck.  They hurt. 

Ok.  Rambling.  Like I said, I'm pretty dang tired. 

But she is a really awesome baby and I am pretty happy she's here :)

I'll throw in a few of my favorite newborn pictures of her too since I never got around to posting those. 

Pretty little girl.  We love her.

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