Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Claire Evelyn

Hey.  I have two kids now.  

Holy crap.

Claire Evelyn Rockwell was born on July 28th, 2013 at 7:47 PM.  She was 6 lbs. 5 oz. and 19" long.  

She seemed so teeny tiny, I could not believe it.  I kept waiting for them to tell me she was actually only like 4 pounds and way too small, but that didn't happen.  I guess I was just so used to Natalie that seeing a newborn completely blew my mind.  And now my once tiny toddler seems like an absolute giant.

I really enjoy my babies coming early, and Claire totally cooperated!  She was 8 days early, and is pretty perfect.

The day I went into labor was completely nuts, though.  It was actually very very similar to the day I went into labor with Natalie.  Both times I woke up around 3 AM with contractions.  I timed them from 4-6 AM and they were anywhere between 8 and 20 minutes apart.  I woke Michael up at 6 just to tell him I was having contractions, so of course he got up and showered and got dressed and was ready to go... I tried to convince him we weren't going anywhere any time soon, but that didn't stop him from being ready and asking me how I was feeling every 15 minutes.

The contractions were so on and off all day, which was again exactly like what happened with Natalie.  I'd have some that were 6 minutes apart, and then I didn't have one for an hour at one point so I had no idea what to expect.  

We were all outside in the morning trying to kill time while we waited to see what was going to happen.  Michael did some yard work, I pulled weeds, Natalie ran around, and we all went for a walk.

I had convinced myself around noon that it wasn't going to happen that day, because those suckers would not start coming regularly or more closely together.  I took a very short nap while Natalie napped and after I woke up they started up again.  Still pretty irregularly, but getting closer.

I had no idea if we should call Michael's parents to come get Natalie or not.  I didn't want to send her off if it wasn't going to turn into the real thing.  It wouldn't have been a big deal if we had, but I felt funny about doing that.  

Michael kept asking me if he had time to start his very first batch of home brewed beer.  He ended up deciding to start it, but got interrupted...

We called his parents around 4 or so and they came right over to get her.  I kept telling him earlier in the day that whenever I decided it was time to go I didn't think I'd even be patient enough to wait for his parents to come get her and asked him if I was allowed to drive myself to the hospital :)  He said no of course, but that was also just my way of telling him that when it's time to go... we need to go.

His parents got Natalie, and he was rushing around trying to finish his beer.  I walked around the house angrily because I had a little kid trying to burst out of my body and it did not feel real pleasant.

My contractions were 4-5 minutes apart by that point and hurt like crazy.  Michael was cleaning stuff up in the kitchen and finally got ready to go.  I think I said ''ow ow ow'' the entire way to the hospital, while banging my head back against my headrest and squeezing the crap out of my arm rest... Michael tried to hold my hand and I kind of just wanted to laugh in his face.  I'm so awesome at being in labor.

Since it was a Sunday we had to check in at the Emergency Room.  Even though I had called ahead (at least an hour before we actually got there) to let them know we were coming we still had to sit and wait for someone to come down.  While we waited another girl came in who was supposedly ''in active labor'', but she did not have one single contraction the entire time we sat there.  She stood around talking to her mom, and then when someone from OB came down they acted like they were going to take her first because she was the first person they saw.  Uh, no.  Luckily someone else came down shortly after that to take us both up, but I about freaked out when I thought they were going to make me wait.

With Natalie I walked myself up to the labor and delivery floor even though I was having contractions then too.  This time there was absolutely no way I could've walked. 

We got up to the floor somewhere around 5 PM.

The nurse who took me up asked how bad the pain was and I said ''pretty bad''.  I might be a huge wimp but contractions hurt, no?

She took me straight into a room to check me and see how dilated I was and such.  I was already 6 cm.  

I'm pretty sure there is a cut off for the epidural and it's somewhere around 7ish... so... yeah.  I was a little terrified that I wasn't going to be able to get it.  After she realized how far along I was she really rushed to get things going for me so that I could get it as soon as possible.  She was awesome.  They got me into a room and got an IV started and called the epidural guy (what are they called?).  He was not in the building.  Of course.  But thankfully he got there pretty fast.  About as fast as I could have hoped with him not being in the hospital.

The nurse checked me again before I got it and I was 7cm.  I was seriously in so much pain, I do not know how people can handle childbirth without an epidural.  I'm a weiner I guess.  Sorry to all of you who are against epidurals, but they are kind of AWESOME.  I got an epidural much earlier with Natalie so I wasn't in nearly as much pain with her, but it still hurt pretty badly.  I had bad back labor with her though so it was different.

Once I got the epidural I literally felt a wave go over me as it kicked it.  I'm pretty sure I sighed with relief and smiled like an idiot.  

After that I got to lay down and somewhat rest for a little bit. 

I had my water broken around 6:30 or so.  At 7:15ish I asked Michael to get a nurse to turn up my epidural.  I have no idea what that means by the way, or if it's even possible... I asked with Natalie too, and I swear they did something.  But I was having INSANE contractions again.  This was totally different than what I felt with Natalie, too.  All I felt with her was pressure and could feel contractions, but it was NOTHING nothing nothing like what I felt with Claire.  Oh man, they were bad.  They said the epidural hadn't had time to fully kick in, and that they were just going to check me to see how much progress I had made before they did anything about the pain.

I was 10cm and the baby was very low, so she called my doctor so I could start pushing.

Claire was born at 7:47 and I only pushed for 15 minutes.  



I pushed for an hour with Natalie, and it was just such a different experience.  Having the epidural totally kicked in with Natalie didn't let me really feel like I knew when to push.  I felt contractions, but it just wasn't the same.  And never felt her moving or coming out at all.  This time I definitely felt each contraction and knew when I was pushing that I was actually making some progress.  I could actually feel her moving down when I pushed and that helped a lot.

So she's here!  And adorable.  


She does not look like Natalie at all to me, but some people think she does.  I think she looks so much more like my family than Natalie, so I can't wait to see what she looks like as she grows up!


She has been an amazing baby so far and I love love love her.

Natalie came to visit us in the hospital the morning after Claire was born.  I could tell she was totally weirded out, and she did not even want to look at her sister.  I expected that reaction so I wasn't upset at all.  She got to open her Big Sister present and went through a billion stickers trying to keep herself distracted :)  



While Michael's dad was holding Natalie we tried to hand him Claire at the same time... Natalie did not like that at all and said ''Baby!'' and pushed her away.  Some day she'll love her.  Or tolerate her at the very least :)

Overall things are going great though.  We've been home for a little over week and I've been home alone with both girls since Monday and really couldn't ask for things to go any better than they are.  I know we will have some really bad moments/days, but I'm so happy things are at least starting off well and giving me some hope :) 

Natalie is slowly warming up to her sister. We aren't pushing Claire on her at all, and I don't want to do that... but eventually I'd love it if Natalie would hold her :)  She will go up to Claire whenever she walks past her in her bassinet and say ''Hi Claire!'' or ''That's Claire!  Right there.''.  So, she's at least acknowledging that she exists now!  I just can't wait until they can play together... or at least until Claire starts being awake more and doing more things that Natalie finds interesting.


But I'm happy.  We have two beautiful little girls and they're kind of the best.  It is going to be so fun to watch them together as they get older.  I can't wait.  

We are pretty stinking blessed and couldn't be more thankful for our little family.

 Hopefully a sibling picture will be coming soon...


  1. I love this blog post. You have two pretty awesome kids.

  2. She is beautiful! Congratulations!!!!!