Saturday, June 1, 2013

Upholstered Headboard (and a $6 comforter)

Hey, Natalie has a headboard! 

Well, the bed always did have a headboard, but it used to look like this:

Here is what it looked like in progress:
 (I apparently bought a super wimpy staplegun at Joann Fabrics, so there was a lot of hot glue involved in this process... Real nice, right?  Oh well.  It should hold until we get ahold of a better one.  I hope.)

(My methods for doing things are never very smooth or straight forward, but I got the job done at least :)  Obviously the back isn't the nicest looking thing in the world, but I'm ok with that.)


There may be some tufting of this headboard at some point.  That was the plan, but I was just going to staple where I want the buttons and then hot glue those on... but since my gun is so crappy that isn't happening at the moment.  If it never does, I will definitely be ok with it, but I think it would look cuter with some buttons.  We'll see.

I really like it though.  Looks SOOOO much better than before, right?  I'm not imagining it?

Also, notice the bedding change?  

I was wandering around Target alone one day (ALONE, you hear me?) and came across this twin comforter in a totally random plastic bag that was an item someone had bought online and then returned. 

It is already on clearance on their website, and was marked down to $6... how could I pass that up?  I actually knew what it looked like without taking it out of the bag and I knew it wasn't my favorite thing in the world, but I really just felt like I couldn't walk away from it for that price.

So I took it home and used a seam ripper and ripped all of the ruffled flowers off.  And now I love it!  

Her room room is turning out quite a bit more cutesy than I intended, but I'm really really really liking the way it's looking now.  

It is still not done, but getting so close!

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