Monday, June 10, 2013

Paper Mache House

I bought the little paper mache house on the left at Hobby Lobby last week.  I had a project in mind for Natalie's room that I finished today (!!!) that I wanted a little house for.  I was going to buy a bunch of random sized houses like this and decorate them, but I just decided to do one in the end...
The roof comes off like a lid, and I cut the back off of the house so she could actually put little people or animals in it and not have to try to shove them through the little door.

I spray painted the roof pink and glued it back on.

I wanted the door part to stay open and I also just wanted it to be cuter, so I made a little ''carpet'' with cardboard and fabric. 

 I cut both pieces to fit and hot glued the fabric to the cardboard.

Then hot glued that piece into the house.
 Super easy project and so much cuter than just a plain cardboard house, I think!

You will see this house again very soon... I loooooove the way this big project came together! Ah. 

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