Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Natalie's Big Sister Gift

How do you even go about making a ''big sister'' present for an 18 month old?  Well, technically she isn't even 18 months yet and she'll be over 19 months when the baby is born, but you get the idea.

I thought about it for a while and just went for a few random things that I know she'll like, but aren't necessarily related to becoming a big sister.  But that's just fine with me... If she were a couple of years older I would've tried harder to have a REAL big sister gift.

 I bought this Skip Hop backpack on Amazon... They have so many different animals and it was hard to choose, but she loooves cats so that's what I chose in the end.  Plus this one was on sale so that never hurts.  She has one backpack she got as a hand me down from her cousins and she likes to stuff it full of toys, so she will definitely like this.  And the fact that it's a cat will probably blow her little mind.

There is also a little Boots the monkey from Dora stuffed in the side pocket.  She'll love him.

Here's what is inside:

I knew I wanted to get her a new baby doll... This one has a place on the hospital bracelet to write the baby's name.  I looked at a ton of different baby dolls and this one seemed to get the best reviews, and she is pretty darn cute.  I wanted one that was completely soft so she can sleep with her if she wants.

"I'm a Big Sister" book.  This isn't really for kids Natalie's age, but I couldn't really find any that would've been any better.  This is the one I kept finding the best reviews for.  Someone write a book for toddlers who are becoming big siblings please... Maybe some exist and I just didn't look very hard, but this is the one I settled on.  

Random Dollar Tree books.  I freaking love the Dollar Tree.  These all came in packs of multiples so I couldn't resist...  I might not keep all of these in the backpack. I may or may not have a couple stashed away already that aren't pictured...

 Art pad.  I made this based off of looking at some I had seen online.  I just made it up as I went along and it took FOREVER, but now if I ever try to make one again I'm pretty sure I could have it done in well over half the time that this one took.

 I know she's a little young for this, but she loves crayons and I stuffed it full of stickers too... She'll have a ton of fun with it, and it's something to keep her entertained when she's visiting us at the hospital that she'll think is pretty cool.

The stickers are more Dollar Tree/dollar bin items.  Again, I have more of these stashed away already.

So that's her gift.  Nothing super exciting, but it's all stuff that I think she'll like.  

Hopefully she thinks her little sister is pretty cool too... Oh man, I hope she does...


  1. I love it! (Is it sad that I knew you were updating your blog today, so I had to check first thing? I may need to get a life...)

  2. I love the art pad you made! Do you think you will be making some for sale? I would love to purchase one for my daughter :)