Wednesday, April 10, 2013


I have some pregnancy complaints this time around that I did not have with Natalie.  Or maybe I've just tricked myself into forgetting them, but I don't think that's true for most of them... Want to hear? 

Too bad.

  1. My legs and feet are swollen and hurt.  A lot.  I still have slightly less than 4 months to go.  And it's going to get hot outside... AND I'm a little afraid of how large and hurt-y they are going to get.  This definitely did not happen with Natalie, and for sure not at only 5 months pregnant.  I walk on our treadmill every day and it's getting harder and harder already.  I basically go pant-less around the house because nothing fits.  Thank goodness it's still chilly enough to wear my awesome robe.
  2.  My back. is. killing. me.  I know my back hurt with Natalie, and I think it is actually hurting in the exact same spot, but I didn't have a toddler to carry around last time... Ouchy.  
  3. I'm gaining a lot more weight.  Buuuut I am also eating sweets like a crazy person, so I suppose that is to be expected/deserved.
  4. I'm a little terrified of being heavily pregnant during the summer.  If my feet and legs are already swelling, how bad are they going to get when it's hot outside?  Yikes.  
  5. We are taking a parent/child swim class called "Shrimps" starting next week, and I'm taking a ''Fit for Two'' class on my own also starting next week.  That in itself is not a complaint at all and I'm really excited to get in the water, but me being in a swimsuit??? It's going to be scary, people.  
  6. Not necessarily a complaint, but how in the world do you even begin to love another baby as much as you loved your first?  Really?  Michael and I are trying to figure this out and not coming up with any answers :)

Despite all of those silly complaints (and whatever others float through my head throughout the day) I'm pretty freaking happy to be pregnant again.  Also pretty freaking happy to have Michael and Natalie and everything else that I have and don't deserve.  I've got a little tiny girl kicking my belly right now (and another little girl who gets in trouble when she kicks my belly), and I'm finally relaxing for the first time today while watching Scrubs on Netflix and icing my cankles.

Spring cleaning/organizing puts me in a good mood, and I'm feeling really blessed today.

Life is pretty great, so just ignore me when I complain about anything.

Check out Natalie perfecting her new smile:

This is what she does now when you ask her to smile.  It's not so much a ''show me your teeth'' smile as it used to be, and she looks so precious when she does it.  Like she's really trying to pose and knows she's adorable.  Oh man I like her. 

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