Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Painting with Yogurt

We had a little fun with ''snack'' today and painted with some yogurt.  We did it right after she had decided she was done eating snack actually, but I left her crackers there in case she changed her mind :) I am trying to get Natalie over her picky eating/sensory issues with food or whatever it is... The kid only eats about 5 different foods and it is

I bought her finger paints which we haven't tried yet, but today I wanted to see if she'd actually eat some yogurt if I let her play in it. She will never ever eat it from a spoon (or anything from a spoon...) when we try to offer it to her, so today I separated one of her yogurt containers out into 3 different ones and added a drop of yellow, green and blue food coloring to it.

And away she went.

 (I made a comment about her hair being crazy, so she said ''hair'' and had to run her fingers through it with her yogurty fingers)

I didn't have any paintbrushes here that I wanted her chewing on, so we used straws.  I should have just given her spoons I suppose but I thought straws might be more fun.  She definitely did had fun with them AND she even tried some yogurt!  Amazing.  Seriously.  I took about 100 pictures of it because I wanted proof for Michael that she had tried some :)

 Her hair is just ridiculous.

I either told her to say ''cheese'' or asked to see her teeth.  They both get this ridiculous face in response.

 Pretty blue hair.

Luckily he made it home in time to see her painting and covered in yogurt.  I actually took this one when he was walking in the door and she was yelling ''oh yeah!'' like she does every day when he comes home.  Adorable.

So it was mostly a success I'd say!  She had fun and she tried some bites of it off of her straw.  PLUS, she even let Michael and I give her a bite of it off of a spoon.  She changed her mind as soon as it was in her mouth so she only got about half of what was on it, but I was impressed she even opened her mouth for us!

She goes to her 15 month check up tomorrow and has finally gained a little bit of weight recently!  We'll see what the doctor's scale says tomorrow.  I know she's still wayyyyy on the low end of the charts, but up until a couple of weeks ago I'm pretty sure she was below 0%.  Crazy girl.

Anyways, we kinda like her.  Here are a few more pictures I took of her on her 15 month birthday on the 17th :)

 (where are your teeth?)

I'm obsessed with this one.  She is the freaking cutest.


  1. Cute little one! Great idea too on the yogurt! I feel your pain on a picky eater only mine is also allergic to all dairy and soy as's soooo hard!! She doesn't like veggies, which I keep putting in front of her....all she wants to do is snack!! Maybe using food coloring in apple sauces, mashed potatoes, etc will help me out! Thanks for the idea!!

    1. Thank you! Allergies on top of picky eating would be so hard. I told my husband I'm going to try this with mashed potatoes tomorrow :) I hope it works for us both!