Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter!

We had a pretty great Easter with our little family of 3.5!

We got up and got Natalie dressed in her Easter outfit right away and let her dig into her basket.  Her dress is from Zara that I bought last Winter when it was on sale and it's so stinking cute I can't stand it. The sweater she was going to wear for the day was in the basket, so don't worry we didn't leave her in a sleeveless dress :)


She had fun opening all of the eggs, even though there wasn't anything too extremely exciting in any of them.  She did really like the gummy bunnies, her new Elmo Easter book and the light up rings! Oh, and she loves the shoes... I'm happy.


So happy!

We played a little bit with her Alex lacing toys, but they are pretty hard for her.  She loves to look at all of the "treats" that came with it though.  She can spot a heart a mile away and there is a heart on a couple of the wooden treats.  She yelled ''heart!'' and it took me a minute to even find it.  She's so stinking adorable, really hilarious and a pretty big smarty pants (only bragging a little bit...).

My lovely ''oooh you got socks!'' face.

She was obsessed with touching my teeth for a while...

After church, Michael went out and hid a few eggs and she got to run around the yard and find them.  It was pretty cute.  It will be really fun next year when she's a little more into it, but she definitely knew that we were looking for eggs and would say ''egg'' whenever we'd point her towards one.  She did good putting them in her basket too. 

 Her post church outfit... I can't get over how cute she is... Even with her wild hair.

Then she took a nap and we relaxed for a little bit then I made an early Easter dinner that turned out pretty delicious, thank goodness... 

We didn't go all out like this last year, so it was fun for me to get to cook for us all (even though Natalie hardly ate, of course... we'll try again later) and go to church and really celebrate.  And I was so excited for her to open her basket and look for eggs today.  


Next year will be even more fun with another little girl here to enjoy it with!

Yay Easter! 

He told them, “This is what is written: The Messiah will suffer and rise from the dead on the third day,  and repentance for the forgiveness of sins will be preached in his name to all nations, beginning at Jerusalem. - Luke 24:46-47

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Painting with Yogurt

We had a little fun with ''snack'' today and painted with some yogurt.  We did it right after she had decided she was done eating snack actually, but I left her crackers there in case she changed her mind :) I am trying to get Natalie over her picky eating/sensory issues with food or whatever it is... The kid only eats about 5 different foods and it is

I bought her finger paints which we haven't tried yet, but today I wanted to see if she'd actually eat some yogurt if I let her play in it. She will never ever eat it from a spoon (or anything from a spoon...) when we try to offer it to her, so today I separated one of her yogurt containers out into 3 different ones and added a drop of yellow, green and blue food coloring to it.

And away she went.

 (I made a comment about her hair being crazy, so she said ''hair'' and had to run her fingers through it with her yogurty fingers)

I didn't have any paintbrushes here that I wanted her chewing on, so we used straws.  I should have just given her spoons I suppose but I thought straws might be more fun.  She definitely did had fun with them AND she even tried some yogurt!  Amazing.  Seriously.  I took about 100 pictures of it because I wanted proof for Michael that she had tried some :)

 Her hair is just ridiculous.

I either told her to say ''cheese'' or asked to see her teeth.  They both get this ridiculous face in response.

 Pretty blue hair.

Luckily he made it home in time to see her painting and covered in yogurt.  I actually took this one when he was walking in the door and she was yelling ''oh yeah!'' like she does every day when he comes home.  Adorable.

So it was mostly a success I'd say!  She had fun and she tried some bites of it off of her straw.  PLUS, she even let Michael and I give her a bite of it off of a spoon.  She changed her mind as soon as it was in her mouth so she only got about half of what was on it, but I was impressed she even opened her mouth for us!

She goes to her 15 month check up tomorrow and has finally gained a little bit of weight recently!  We'll see what the doctor's scale says tomorrow.  I know she's still wayyyyy on the low end of the charts, but up until a couple of weeks ago I'm pretty sure she was below 0%.  Crazy girl.

Anyways, we kinda like her.  Here are a few more pictures I took of her on her 15 month birthday on the 17th :)

 (where are your teeth?)

I'm obsessed with this one.  She is the freaking cutest.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Natalie's Easter Basket

I was really excited about filling Natalie's Easter basket this year!  

She didn't have one last year, which kind of makes me feel like a terrible mom even though she was only about 4 months old.  So this year I was ready to pick one out for her and fill it with goodies.

I got the basket and basket tag from Target after looking all around for one that I liked.  After looking for a couple of weeks I couldn't find one I liked better than this.  Apparently I'm really picky (I knew this already)... or maybe just a sucker for all things Target. 

(This wasn't my favorite liner, but I wanted the yellow basket.)

I actually really wanted to keep her basket fairly simple.  It would be way too easy to go crazy and just throw every random adorable thing in that basket.  I had to talk myself out of buying her an adorable stuffed bunny every time I went shopping.  I actually did buy one once and then returned it, because that girl has a million stuffed animals already.  Plus, she has two favorites that trump all the rest anyways so it isn't worth it.  She'd love it and hug it and say ''nice'' and carry it around for a while I'm sure, but she always goes back to her kitty and teddy bear.

I've heard of people doing this for birthdays and other holidays and I thought it sounded like a good idea and a good way to limit myself! 

You give a gift of something they want, something they need, something to wear and something to read.

I saw this little board book while shopping one day and thought it was too perfect not to get.  She loves Elmo just from having one hand me down singing Elmo toy from Kristin/her cousins... she doesn't really watch Sesame Street or anything, but she's in love with him.  She has quite a few Elmo books already (also hand me downs), so I knew she would like it.

The shoes are kind of a double for the need and the something to wear, but I got them because she really does need new shoes.  She has her old converse's from her Halloween costume but they are way too small now.  She still wears some soft soled shoes just around the house, and whenever we go somewhere where she won't get put down outside... which hasn't happened for a long time it seems like.  She also has the black glitter shoes she wore for Christmas but I wanted some ''play'' shoes... She just needs some normal shoes to run around in, and I'm hoping it warms up soon so she can run around in them outside. 

Aaaand, they are adorable.

Something to wear was tough, because there are so many cute things I wanted to get her.  BUT, now that we know this new baby is a girl I feel like I can buy Natalie all the clothes I want since baby #2 will get to wear them too ;) Don't tell Michael that though... he'll be more afraid than necessary.

I found this sweater on clearance at Old Navy and thought it was pretty stinking cute, and for only $8 how could I pass that up?  

Something she wants was kind of tough. I just took a guess and I got something she might think was fun, and also it helps her practice those fine motor skills.  We were ''lacing'' Cheerios onto a paintbrush handle the other day so I immediately thought of getting her these Alex lacing toys.  There are other versions I could have chosen, but I thought the sweets theme was cute for an Easter basket. It says ages 3+ but I plan to watch her whenever it's out.  I imagine the string could be a problem.

Then I of course had to get some Easter eggs and fill them with some random things. 

This is all I've got in them so far.  I'll put a few M&M's in one... and I think I'll make a hairclip or two.  And I'll probably just put stickers or something like that in the others.  We'll see.  So far she just has two pairs of socks and some gummy bunnies :)

My plan to keep things simple sort of worked... I did what I said I'd do, but her basket is packed full!

(Oh, and she has some flower suckers in there too.)

I had fun filling up her basket, and I think she will really have fun digging through it even if over half of the items in here are probably not that exciting for her :) She'll get to break open the eggs, try to put the shoes on her feet (probably while she's wearing other shoes), play with her lacing toys, and shake the eggs like crazy because she has some musical instrument shaker eggs she loves.

I'm excited for her to see it all :)