Friday, February 17, 2012

Two Months

Well apparently I only write in here on Natalie's monthly birth date celebrations. 

And by celebrations I mean me forcing her to wear whatever cute outfit I can find and then take a million pictures of her while she tries to escape me. 

Two months has gone by pretty quickly, but I also feel like she should be so much older by now. She seems older than two months to me.  

She is SUCH a good baby.  I've been around my fair share of babies and I am so so happy that she is as good and happy as she is.  I'm not saying she doesn't get fussy, but it's pretty rare... and we almost always know what to do to calm her down which is pretty awesome.

Last night/this morning around 1:30 AM I went in to get her to give her a bottle... Her crazy dad had swaddled her up that night before bed, and both of her arms were out of her SwaddleMe, one leg was out, she had no pants on, and her onesie was unbottoned and up under her arms.

Michael never swaddles her before bed, and apparently he shouldn't be allowed to :) What the heck.  I'm thinking he did it on purpose so he wouldn't have to do it anymore, but who knows :)

So today she got stuck in her adorable Gap outfit that I'm obsessed with.  She has one that is 3-6 months in white, too, so you'll probably see a very similar picture in a couple of months.

 She looks hilarious in this one.  Sometimes her head looks so huge when she's laying down... She's also grunting and straining to get her legs in that position so that doesn't help the facial expression much :)

Crazy kid.

 I love this one so so much... That face is just too cute...

 This one is pretty stinking cute too.  I like the weird facial expressions better than the smiles sometimes.

We are leaving for her 2 month doctor's appointment soon.  I am not sure if she's getting any shots this time or not, but I'm pretty sure I'm going to cry harder than she does.

I bawled like a baby when they drew blood to get her bilirubin level's checked... But she was also only 4 days old, and I was extremely emotional to begin with... and tired... and hormonal... and just a little crazy.  So I'm blaming that.  But also, it's not fun to see your little tiny baby getting poked and screaming at the top of her lungs.


She is pretty stinking fun, though.  She loves loves loves this little Baby Einsteins cow that hangs from her play gym.  She also has a Lamaze peacock that she thinks is pretty cool.... Basically all of those sorts of toys are her favorites.  That cow is her best friend though I'm pretty sure.  She can grab onto the ring that hangs beneath him and can VERY slightly pull on it to make it vibrate.  It's pretty cute.

She is getting better and lifting her head up when she's on her tummy, but she mostly just likes to lay there and get comfy and look around.  She loves to fall asleep on her tummy whenever we're trying to get her to practice lifting her head... little stinker.

Basically she's pretty awesome and we love her a ton.  Dexter is getting used to her being here too... not that he's happy about it, but... he'll get there :)

Some day they will be best buddies.  Hopefully.