Saturday, November 17, 2012

Eleven Months

Okay okay okay, this isn't funny anymore.  Eleven months is WAY too close to one year... which is just too old.  The last couple of months have officially flown by and I can hardly believe she's this old.

I'm finally at the ''they grow up too fast'' stage and I want to go back!

But I'm happy to report that the last month went a lot better than month 9 :) She's still got that attitude, but I'm either just used to it now or it hasn't been as bad.  But it was a good month!  She's been sleeping perfectly.  Good naps and sleeping about 11 hours every single night.  I love it.  

She is such a smart little cookie, too.  She walks all over the place, has finally picked up on a couple of the baby signs (bird and dog... random, right?).  I am not as consistent with doing sign language as I'd like to be so that's probably why the two she knows are just random animals that we see in her books all day long.  I'm going to try a lot harder to do it more regularly because it is pretty fun that she knows them.  

She is also SAYING words. With her mouth, not her fingers.  She says ''all done'' which sounds like ''ahh duh'' but it's more and more clear every day.  It's so fun.  She also says ''uh oh'' which is more like ''uh nuuu'' or something like that.  It cracks me up that she gets the ''uh'' right and then the ''oh'' part is just kind of random.  She also attempts to say ''thank you''.  It's the same noise every time she does it when she's repeating us, but if you didn't know that's what we were trying to get her to say I don't know if you'd know it.  Something like ''naan nuu'' :)

She says something that sounds like ''what's that'' allllll the time, but I don't think that's actually what she's saying.

But she's so stinking smart!  It's so cute.  She's always imitated us when we cough or laugh, and she's still at it.  But now that she's moved on to imitating sounds and words, it's awesome.  I also love saying ''Where's...'' such and such and having her point to it.  She's got Dexter down, she can find him anywhere.  She finds her babies, her cups, books, decorations around the house... and sometimes Mommy and Daddy.  Usually she points to daddy but rarely me for some reason.  But when she does it's pretty fun!

She claps alllll the time.  Something she figured out how to do about a month ago.  I had been waiting for the clapping and it finally came.

She claps her hands and stomps her feet when you sing ''If you're happy and you know...''.  Not in the right order or to the tune of the song, but that's ok.  Still hilarious.

She's got one top tooth poked through and the other one on the way, so she will probably have 5 soon.  The top teeth seem to bug her more than the three bottom ones she has but she hasn't been too terribly fussy about them.  Just very very very very chewy. 

I am so excited for her to have her first Thanksgiving, and her almost first Christmas!  She was 8 days old at Christmas last year so this year will be a little more exciting for her :) I'm a little afraid of putting up our Christmas tree on Thursday (!!!!!!!!) because I know she's going to grab everything off of it, but we'll figure it out.

She is just the cutest little thing, and we have so much fun with her.  I love her little personality and how extremely goofy she is.  She really is just so weird... like us... :)  I love it.


As sad as it is that she's growing up, it's also just so so so exciting to watch her learn things.  I can't wait until she's talking more.  It's so cute to hear her little voice. 

I'm ready for her to be one... I guess... I'll accept it at least.  I'm happy to get to have a birthday party for her, but having it one week before Christmas makes it rough... so it will probably be tiny with like 3 people there, but that's ok.  I will have fun.  But OH MY GOSH if she doesn't eat the birthday cake I make for her I am going to be so so sad.  She STILL does not like food! 

 She has started eating more and more crunchy dry foods, but still nothing mushy and it is driving me insane.  I seriously can't believe she hasn't started eating baby food or anything else yet.  Ay yi yi.  Crazy crazy girl.

But how can you stay mad at her, really?  Except for her unfortunate hair situation... She has some sad looking hair most days :)


 She's had months of practice sticking that pointer finger out and ready to say ''I'm one!''.  I think she's taunting me.  She knows I can't take her turning one so she tells me every day that it's going to happen.


Well, twelve months here we come!

 Here's one of Dexter, just for fun :)

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