Thursday, November 29, 2012

Crochet Trim Christmas Tree

I am still not great at crocheting, but I'm still working on it.  I didn't want to attempt a full Christmas tree, so I just crocheted a long line of a shell trim.  


I actually made two trims but haven't really done anything with the other one yet...

I had a cardboard tree that I was starting to paint gold, then stopped halfway through (obviously) when I decided I was just going to wrap this trim around it instead of painting it.

I just wrapped it around the tree and hot glued as I went.  Super easy.

It turned out decently cute I think.  Not as cute as I imagined it would be (nothing is), but cute enough :)

Anything Christmasy and I'm probably going to be ok with it, really. 

 Night time shot.  

Our house is so much better at night these days... Christmas lights are the best.

Here is what happened to the other trim:

This lasted about 5 hours, then it went away because it started to annoy me.  Now the lamps have little Christmas-y colored felted balls wrapped around them.  MUCH better. You'll see those later... whenever our house is clean enough to take pictures :)


  1. Hi Ali! I think your crochet tree is really cute. One day, I'll master crocheting. I got my Scarfament package the other day, and I really love it. Thank you!

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