Friday, September 21, 2012

Small Crochet/Flannel Blanket

I feel like it's been a long long time since I've posted any kind of project on here, and I'm happy I finally get to!

Kristin taught me to crochet the night before Natalie's baptism.  Our ''lesson'' was on how to make a pot holder, which I completed (mostly), but I never sewed the open sides together.  I'm calling that a finished product for now though :)

Immediately after that I started practicing granny squares because I am obsessed with granny squares.  OBSESSED, I tell you.  I have a granny square blanket my grandma made and I have been wanting to learn to make one for years.  Don't ask why I didn't learn to crochet earlier because I have seriously been wanting to learn since I was like 20 (and that makes me feel so so old to say that).  So I'm pretty ridiculously excited that I finally know how.  I definitely get confused trying to read patterns still, but I am figuring it out!

So anyways.  I was just practicing using some of the yarn that came in my Joann Fabrics gift basket that I won (yay), which luckily were colors that I liked.  Probably not what I would've picked if I were just shopping around, but they are definitely cute and super soft (it was all ''baby'' yarn).

My squares are not perfect.  Not even close.  And they are for sure the simplest granny squares I came across which is why I chose them.  They were good to practice on and I was so much better at making them by the end.  I've also practiced other squares, and will continue to practice because when I make the big blanket I'm planning I want the squares to be as good as I can get them.  Super excited for the day I actually finish a full sized blanket.


Here is my little project.

This blanket is tiny.  I actually haven't measured it, but the squares are about 3" x 3".  I'm not sure what this blanket will get used for.  Maybe a future doll blanket for Natalie?  

Cute little shell edging.

And even though it is not perfect by any means, I'm kind of in love with it...

And there is a little surprise on the back:

I wanted there to be a backing on it, because I think it's ridiculously cute to mix yarn projects with fabric.

I got this camping flannel at Joann Fabrics and I think it's really adorable for some reason, and makes the blanket even softer.

I thought the aqua and tans in the fabric were going to match the yarn a little better, but it's close enough for me!  I just love it.

And it's so so soft.  I am a little sad it's not big enough for me to use because I swear it has to be the most comfortable blanket in the world.  It's heavy and soft and I want to sleep with it.  I'm pretty sure I will be making a full sized blanket like this some day... Except cuter.  And the first night I get to sleep with it might just be the best nights sleep of my life.

So thanks for teaching me Kristin :) Hopefully I'll have more of these types of projects, but I've got some other things I want to get done before I start a big blanket.  Like finishing that Goodwill chair I bought like 4 months ago.  Bah.  I want it done before it gets too cold outside because I need to sand and paint it out there.  So, I'm going to make a big effort to work on it in the next couple of weeks.

I'm pretty excited about this blanket if you couldn't tell by the amount of pictures you just saw :) 

(P.S. Natalie took 4 steps tonight.  Four.  At 9 months old.  We got ridiculously ridiculously excited.  She's so awesome.)


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  1. This is absolutely the cutest crochet mini blanket in the universe! You have me wondering if, when you do an adult sized blanket, and have the flannel/fabric backing, if you could actually quilt the whole thing, and it would hold the fabric down, plus the stitching for quilting would not be visible from the crochet side! Well, you could hand tack it too, which would also be extremely cute!Just thinking aloud here. Interesting ideas...and you did a fantastic job with this!
    xoxo- Julie