Monday, September 17, 2012

Nine Months


Nine Months Old!  Holy crap.

This is probably a bad day/week for me to be writing, because she has been a GROUCH for the past week straight.  Not a constant grouch, but on and off all day.  I'll blame it on teething since she now has TWO.  Yay!

Her first tooth popped through right around 8 1/2 months.  We've been waiting for this tooth since we were convinced they were going to come out like 3 months ago... Then her second tooth popped through maybe a week or so later.  I'm obsessed with them for some reason.  They are just the cutest little teeth ever.  She's working on a third tooth now, and I'm going to pretend that's the source of her moodiness.

She's still an on and off great sleeper too.  I don't think I can even ever call her a ''bad'' sleeper,  but on her good nights she's sleeping about 11 hours straight (awesome), and her ''bad'' nights she's sleeping about 8ish hours, has a bottle, sleeps 2-3 more hours.  Not gonna lie, I can't wait for her to consistently sleep from the time she goes to bed until it's time to get up for the day, but we can deal with this :)  Some nights are worse than that, but those are very rare.  It makes it even more frustrating when she does have those off nights though because she's obviously capable of just staying asleep.  I wonder sometimes if she has bad dreams that wake her up, because I know she isn't waking up because she's starving... I wish she could tell us.

She's balancing on her own without holding onto things, but not for more than about 20 seconds at the most.  She's getting better and better all the time, and I can't wait for her to walk.  I don't think it will be for a while yet, but it's fun to think about.  Especially since she's so short, it's going to be the cutest thing ever...

(She was super squirmy so I made a crazy noise to distract her and calm her down.  It worked)

Still hates baby food, but is starting to eat more and more finger foods so I'm glad we're getting somewhere!  We go to her 9 month check up on Friday so I'll probably get yelled at.  He thought it was crazy she didn't like baby food when I told him that 3 months ago...  She's just nuts.

She loves her puppy, and books, and is starting to love dolls and stuffed animals and it's super cute.  She has this little pink bear that is her new best friend I think.  Adorable.

(I was trying really hard to get a cute picture of her looking out of her window, but I just kept getting confused looks)

She's still squealing and screeching all the time, and just ''talking'' nonstop.  She has been doing a lot of really cute/funny things lately but every time I tell people what she's doing and wait for her to do it she refuses.  She likes to make me look like a fool apparently.  

She mimicks us more and more, and clicks her tongue at us when she click ours, and makes a few other hilarious noises with her mouth.  

She's waving at everything/everyone.  Laughs when other people laugh.  Sometimes dances so hard she bangs her head on the wall (Like yesterday.  There's a bump).  Refuses to stay on her back during a diaper change.  Flips the pages in her books so fast I don't have time to read what they say.  She has the weirdest hair ever... Long in the front, short everywhere else.  No clue what to do with that. She says ''da da'' in place of ''ma ma'' all day long now.  She terrorizes Dexter and sometimes laughs when he barks, other times she bolts and crawls as fast as possible away from him.  Almost constantly has her pointer finger extended ready to poke anything she can reach.

She is just hilarious and adorable and fun (and sometimes frustrating :) ) and we love her a ton.  She just seems like such a big girl now.  The last couple of months she has really grown up.  And by ''grown'' I don't mean gotten bigger... she's still tiny.  I can't wait to see how tall she is on Friday!  I don't trust our measuring.

She's my little buddy.  Her killer dance moves are cracking me up right now.  Man, I like her.

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