Thursday, July 5, 2012

Our House. Then and Now.

I am in love with our house lately and I have no idea why.

I mean, I've always loved it, but it definitely has its problems and annoyances.  But for the past month or so I'm really just loving it.  Maybe because we haven't had any plumbing problems for a while (hello, 62 year old plumbing and wiring...), who knows.

I think that last post has me thinking back on how much our house has changed just since we moved in in October of 2010.

So of course I'm going to go through it room by room.  Aren't you excited?

Well you saw the living room in the last post... 

Here it is when we moved in:
I know the curtains are closed, but it just looks so dark and depressing...Blech

(Yay for finally getting Natalie's growth chart hung, by the way!)

Our new TV stand/repurposed dresser is getting worked on right now, so it should be done within the next few days!!!!!!! You have no idea how excited I am to get that other one out of here.  AH.  It's going to be awesome.

 I have to wait for the handles to get delivered and I'm not sure when they will be here.  I kept them a secret from Michael so hopefully he likes them...

The dining room before:


I want new artwork above that side table but I haven't figured out what I want yet... or where to put those paintings after I take them down.

I totally forgot that there was no chandelier here when we moved in.  And of course no high chair...

I've been trying to get more color throughout the house for a while now and it's slowly happening. That may be part of my new obsession with this place too.  It's so much brighter in here and I am enjoying it.

The back porch has changed quite a bit, too and it's a billion times better now.  SO much brighter and it just feels cleaner with the new floor and paint.

(before we had moved any furniture in, obviously)


The kitchen hasn't changed at all, but even that feels better to me for some reason:

We are hardly ever upstairs anymore because a couple of weeks ago Michael moved his computer to the basement where it's at least 10 degrees cooler.  My sewing machine and all my crafty stuff is still up there, but I haven't been doing much lately unfortunately.  I'm working on a few ideas though so hopefully I can get them accomplished one of these days... 

Our upstairs gets insanely hot in the Summer, which is why we moved our bedroom down to the old computer room last Spring... 

Computer room THEN:

NOW it's our bedroom:

And I love it.

When we moved in Michael thought we should have our room in there to begin with, but I really wanted it to be upstairs... He is a nice boy and gave in, so we put our bedroom up there.  But it turns out that going downstairs in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom gets really old really fast... and then when it started to get warm out the first Spring we lived here we decided that he was probably right.

So, the computer and my craft desk went upstairs and the bedroom came down.  It's much better this way.  Especially when I was pregnant and got up to pee literally at least 6 times a night for most of my entire pregnancy...  And there is no way we'd want our bedroom to be upstairs now that Natalie's room is right across the hall from ours.  So yeah, Michael was right :) And I love our room down here.

Upstairs THEN:
(This was RIGHT when we moved in and there was absolutely no decorating going on... and that curtain was one the old home owners left. )

NOW it is our spare bedroom/craft room:

(Michael's computer no longer sits in here so I'm thinking about scooting my craft desk in there...)

The upstairs hallway:



Pretty much the same as before.  I am still dying to paint that bookshelf but Michael has put up with a lot of my projects lately so I'll wait a while longer to bring it up again :)

The hallway between our room and Natalie's room.  No before pictures, but it was just plain white and no chandelier:

Natalie's room used to be the spare bedroom...



I'm only including this because it was a fun little project...

Our front coat closet THEN:


Basement THEN:

NOW(this is actually fairly a old picture of the basement, but you get the idea):
(That little furball on the ground is Dexter when he was even tinier than he is now, and insanely adorable...)

The basement is nothing super exciting, but it is definitely a huge improvement from what it was.  Michael's computer sits where those bookshelves are now and they moved across the room to where our (old) exercise bike is sitting.  The coffee table, desk and rocking chair are no longer there, either.
I'm also getting ridiculously excited for Christmas when I find pictures like this:



I like how our third stocking hanging on the wall was still blank with no initial because Natalie hadn't been born yet and we kept her name a secret :)

This Christmas will probably look much different because I am HOPING to leave the dining room free of Christmas decorations so we can have that room for Natalie's birthday party stuff. 

It will be interesting.

I love looking through old pictures... It's so fun for me to look back at how our house looked before we moved in... I am constantly getting bored with the way it looks so we'll see how different it looks by this time next year!


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