Friday, July 27, 2012

Ikat Vase

I am crazy about vases for some reason... We have way too many of them in our house, including plenty just sitting around in closets not in use.

This was one of those.
Just a plain vase that got spray painted black at some point.

I decided to try something with it the other day.  I wish I had painted this vase white before I started, but black works too.

I decided on making an ikat vase, since lately I've been drooling over all sorts of ikat patterned pillows, bowls, chairs, you name it...

So I started off by just ripping jagged pieces of painters tape.
(most of the strips I used were wider than this, but I used some of the small ones to make the lines even more uneven)

Then taping them on in just a random ikat pattern I made up along the way.

Done taping:

I am not crazy about the color combination going on here, but this pink/maroonish color spray paint was some we had sitting around so that's what I used.

So I spray painted it, and here it is with the paint off!

I definitely like it, but if I had planned this project out better, it would probably not be these colors :)

After I pulled the paint off, I decided to use this paint pen I got at Michaels and draw on another light pink ''line'' in the pattern inside of the black.

Here it is all finished!

(It is a really pale pink, and I did a really light coat, but it almost looks silver in these pictures.  I might do another coat later if I decide I want it to look more pink.)

These next pictures are more accurate as far as the colors go:

(I'm also crazy about fake flowers if you can't tell.  Even the ones that are not even close to being realistic looking... I'm not hard to please)

Not too terrible for a spur of the moment project, right? Maybe?

We'll see how long it lasts there before I get tired of it :)

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  1. Very cute! I like how it mixes in nicely in with your display.

  2. Oh...I love this! Girl...I had never heard the name Ikat before...must investigate! Your vase is so pretty, and I can also see other color combos...and you also have me thinking about fake flowers now....beautiful!!!