Monday, May 14, 2012

A little too overly excited about this good deal I got...

It was like Christmas in our house today.

I got a package in the mail that I've been way too excited to get since I placed the order a week ago.  I got 4 different kinds of coffee AND a new coffee machine (which we needed very badly) for $9.99!!

The coffee machine is nothing super fancy but it's brand new and looks better than our old one so I was just slightly excited to say the least.  Seriously, I'm pretty sure Natalie was concerned about me while I was digging into the box.

They are only 8 oz. boxes, but that works for me!

I got French Vanilla, Dark Chocolate Truffle, Chocolate Raspberry and Mocha Java.  YUM.

You can still take advantage of this deal if you are in need of some coffee and/or a new coffee machine.  I may or may not have placed another identical order... mostly just to get the coffee, but now we'll have another coffee machine... which... we really don't need, but maybe we'll give it to someone else.

Anyways.  I was/am excited about it.

The chocolate raspberry coffee is programmed in and ready for me to drink tomorrow morning and IT SMELLS SO GOOD.  Seriously delicious.  I am excited for 6 AM to roll around :)

Um... The End.

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