Monday, April 2, 2012

Our Final Mythical Creature Drawing

Yay, our anniversary present is here!

I've had the frame hidden under Natalie's crib waiting for the picture to get here and it finally did!  Don't ask me why I hid the frame when Michael already knew what the present was... It's just more fun to make it somewhat of a surprise.  He doesn't know it's here, so it will be fun for him to get home from work in a few minutes and see it on the wall :)

 I just got a super cheap frame from Walmart for it, but some day it would be fun to have a nicer one.

(P.S. Remember when I got two of those red pillows at Target for $7.50 a piece?  I had been stalking them for a while.  I almost bought them when there were 2 left for $12.50, but didn't... I had them in my cart and ended up putting them back.  Then we went back a week later or so and they were gone and I was sad... but some wandering around led me to them in a different area for $7.50, so I couldn't let them go.  I got excited and asked Michael if he saw how much they cost...

 Michael "$8 a piece?"
Michael: "Is that a good price for pillows?"
 Me: "....................................................................Yes."

The End.)

Here's the digital version of it so you can see it better:

It looks even better as a 20x30 poster :)  

Natalie is having fun looking at it with me today.

Do yourselves a favor and have a portrait done of your family.  I am in love with ours!!!!

I got it done HERE.  Check it out.

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