Saturday, March 17, 2012

Three Months

Natalie is three months old today.

Everyone says it goes by so fast, and it definitely does, but I feel like she should be at least 6 months old by now for some reason :)


She is such a big girl already.  She rolled over from her tummy to her back at 11 weeks, which we were pretty excited about.  She finds it kind of frightening I'm pretty sure, but the rest of us enjoy it.

She smiles constantly, but we're still waiting on a big laugh.  I think she's done it maybe once or twice, but it's so hard to tell.  She squeals ALL the time, but no real laughs I don't think.

I've been walking her out around the driveway and backyard on these nice days, and we attempted to go for a walk the other night... unfortunately our dog decided to run away before the walk began.  Michael chased Dexter all the way down the street.  Both of them running out into traffic multiple times, but thank goodness he caught him and brought him home.  I had convinced myself Dexter was not going to come home that night, so I was pretty relieved to see Michael carrying him back.  We live on a very busy street and Dexter has never been loose before so I just really couldn't believe he didn't get hit.  It was pretty traumatizing for Michael, I think... For me, too, but I didn't have to watch Dexter dart out in front of cars over and over.  

SO, our walk that night was kind of ruined.  But I did take her for a walk by myself a couple of days later.  She seemed to like it, but it was close to nap time for her so she fell asleep about 10 minutes into it.  That's ok with me though.

She's pretty fun.  She's still a VERY happy baby, but is getting a little less content just hanging out on the floor playing under her gym.  She has learned there are bigger and better things to play with in this house and likes to switch it up after a little while.  I don't blame her.

She's definitely growing and getting smarter every day.  It's so fun to watch her discover new things.  I can't wait to see what she does next!

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  1. This is one adorable girl!!! What a cute smile she has!