Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Teething Necklaces

FINALLY, I am posting about an actual project and just not cute pictures of Natalie.

I seriously haven't made one single thing since she was born.  Not one.  I just haven't really had any ideas, until I came across a list I had sitting around of baby projects I wanted to make.  They were basically all done, and had been since way before Natalie arrived, but I still wanted to make some teething necklaces.

I saw them on a bit of sunshine a long time ago and thought they were a great idea and also super cute.

I am not a huge jewelry person most of the time, but I will totally wear these for Natalie's sake :)

Some of my knots are a little funny and make the necklace hang weird, but oh well.  I like it.

I used plastic beads instead of the wooden ones I intended on using.  I thought wood beads might be a little funny to wash, but plastic beads could just be thrown in the washing machine.

I decided to add a ribbon to the ends of mine instead of braiding like the tutorial on that blog shows.  I thought ribbon seemed much easier and wanted to be able to tie/untie it, but I love the way the braiding looks too:

Natalie is starting to chew on everything, but still not real coordinated.  I have already tested this necklace out, and she can get it in her mouth and chew on it for a bit but not super long.  She prefers her fists to anything else so far, but, I know she'll keep getting better at holding onto things and getting them to her mouth.  She seems to like it so far, so I'm happy :)

I have two made so far, but only have pictures of one.  I am pretty sure I'll be making a couple more of them because they are super easy and fun.

Here she is chewing on the other one I've done.. She does really gnaw on it sometimes, but these pictures don't really show it...  And she looks a little crazy, but that's ok :)



  1. Genius! It will come in handy for a good long while I'm sure...since the teething scenario never seems to stop until they're past 2! Yours turned out adorable.

    And how cute is she in her blue and white striped outfit? I love those pics!

  2. Thank you for sharing this idea. We have a new grand baby, 2 weeks old today, but time flies and before you know it the teething will begin and 2-3 of these things will come in handy.
    Susanne :)