Wednesday, November 9, 2011

New Christmas Stockings

Christmas is coming!!!

I am so excited to decorate it's not even funny.  Yes I know Thanksgiving comes first.  Don't worry, I'm not dragging any Christmas decorations out until after it's over.  But I'm pretty sure they're coming out the very next day.

BUT, we needed new stockings yet again this year.  I made two for me and Michael last year that I liked quite a bit:

...but since we're going to be needing a couple more stockings for Christmas this year I figured I had better get started.  I decided Dexter needed a little tiny stocking, and this little baby who WILL be here for Christmas this year (I'm determined) is going to need one too.  We might not even get around to filling them with anything (depending on when she decides to show up), but at least they'll be ready if we do!

I liked my burlap ones, but I didn't feel like making the other two out of burlap and I wanted something that felt a little sturdier and that will last us for a few years.  I just kind of made up the burlap ones as I went along, so the lining isn't the greatest quality, but I think they will still hold up for a while if we had decided to use them.  But still, I wanted some nicer ones.

So I found a tutorial at FabricWorm.  I liked the look of the stocking with the cuff on it and the tutorial seemed easy enough, so I gave it a shot.

I picked two different Dena Design fabrics.  I was going to pick a different fabric for each different stocking but ended up just going with a red and green pattern.

I cut out all of the pieces earlier in the day yesterday, then sewed them all together last night.  I didn't have the computer in front of me while I was sewing them and I kept sewing the cuff on inside out... repeatedly... because as soon as I used my seam ripper to take it off I forgot which way I had sewed it on in the first place.  It was pretty ridiculous and very frustrating, but I FINALLY figured it out.  


But after I got that figured out, they went together so quickly! 

And I MAY have made more than we need right now... just in case we need them in the future :) I'm pretty sure Michael thinks I'm insane and was a little nervous that we now have 5 stockings when he assures me that we're only having 2 kids :) 

I like them a lot aside from Dexter's tiny one... it's really goofy looking.  I had serious issues with his and ended up cutting off part of the top, which is pretty obvious now :)

I'm happy that now we've got extras just in case :)  Maybe Dexter will get upgraded to a full size stocking some day.  His realllllly bothers me, but I don't think he'll mind.

I considered not even putting names on them and just assigning a color to each person, but I decided I at least wanted the first letter of our names on it.  And I used my trusty heat transer vinyl to do it. 

I picked a font that was slightly fancy, but still fun, and got to work.  I used MTF Base Dash Leafy Font, which can be downloaded for free HERE 

Sure Cuts A Lot and heat transfer vinyl have kind of been my go-to for lots of projects lately and I'm enjoying it.  It's quick and easy and usually turns out looking pretty good.

I cut an ''M'' out of paper just to make sure it would work out alright and I liked it, so I went ahead with the vinyl.

Here are our ''D'', "M" and "A" all cut out and ready to iron on! 

You don't get to see the baby's stocking because her name is a secret and I don't need anyone guessing her name before she's here :)  You would totally guess it on the first try if you knew the letter I'm pretty sure, otherwise I'd risk it.

But here are mine, Dexter's and Michael's new stockings!!!

 Weird stocking for a weird little dog... I guess it works, right?

I'm really hoping I don't get sick of them by next year... and of course now I'm all worried about if/when we need to add a letter to one of the extra stockings and whether or not I'll have red vinyl or be able to use the same font and all this stuff.  I worry too much if you haven't noticed :)

But I'm so happy to have these done!  I can't wait to get them hung up and to drag out the rest of the decorations!! Yay Christmas!

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