Friday, April 22, 2011

We're in Chicago!

We're in Chicago!

And we're stuck in the hotel because the weather here is miserable.  And is going to be bad the entire time we're here.  BOO.

But we're going to try to get as much done as we can tomorrow while it's nice and before the storm hits for the night.

SO.  Since we're stuck inside and a little bored, we started playing with the bokeh I made right before we left the house.

I didn't know what a bokeh was before I kept seeing them on Pinterest and thought they not only looked REALLY easy to make, but that make for really really cool pictures!

Here is one website that gives really simple instructions.

My bokeh is not so pretty:

 But it works!!!!
(I think I made my heart a tad too small/skinny but it still worked out alright)
This just slips onto the end of our camera lens.

We tried testing it before we left the house and this was the only successful picture, but I was excited that the chandelier had little hearts on it!

Here are some pictures we've been taking tonight!

They aren't super exciting because it is EXTREMELY foggy here and you can't see many lights... plus our view isn't real cool anyways.  I like that we are right by the Chicago river though!

I think it's so fun!  I hope we can take some more while we're here, but it is supposed to rain EVERY night that we're here so my hopes are too high, but we'll see!

We are having fun being here even though the weather is stupid, but I'm pretty sure we'll be happy to head home on Monday.

Thursday, April 14, 2011


You know what's fun?

When people pin things from your blog on Pinterest :)

I heart Pinterest.

But this makes me realize that a lot of the pictures I take of my projects are really not good.  Eh, oh well :)

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Tiered Tray

 I've been seeing lots of DIY tiered trays made from plates floating around lately.

I have been wanting to make one but wasn't quite sure what I would do with it... Until I remembered this  mess:

 (I actually never use clips like that so don't ask me why I have so many of them... I don't use a whole lot of this stuff actually besides the headbands... oops.)

This is just a candle holder that my mom somehow convinced me to take a while ago.  Before we moved, we used to have it in our bathroom with Q-tips, cotton balls and nail clippers in each dish (there are 3 since you can't tell in this picture), which worked out great actually... 

(But now I am much happier with my IKEA containers)

I'm thinking my headbands and other hair accessories need a new home.  Pretty badly, if you ask me.

Making these tiered trays is SO ridiculously easy.  You could get much more creative with your tray if you wanted to, but this is exactly what I wanted.

I bought two different sized plates at Target, and a bowl for the top.

I was just going to buy candlesticks at Target as well to separate the plates, but they didn't have any. Which turned out to be a very good thing.

Michael was making a trip to look at video games one day, and Goodwill happens to be right next door... so I went in there looking for candlesticks and found these beauties for 88 cents a piece:

I am SO happy I didn't buy candlesticks anywhere else before finding these because I absolutely love them.  I love the shape, and the height is exactly what I was hoping to find.

So I sanded them down and spray painted them with Glossy White Krylon.

 AH. I love them!

Then I grabbed some Gorilla Glue and glued the bottom of one candlestick and centered it as best as I could.

I let that dry for a little while before adding the second plate with more glue.

Again, let it dry for a bit then added the second candlestick and the bowl:


I put a can of soup in the bowl just to add some weight to it to make sure it was getting pushed down onto the glue.  These plates are really really light, but I think even without any extra weight the Gorrilla Glue is strong enough to hold it together while it's drying.

I had to let it dry for a few hours before I trusted it enough to move it around a whole lot, but finally took it upstairs and got everything put away.

I'm kind of feeling like this tray might be too cute for random hair accessories, but I like that I finally have enough space for everything!

I might have to make another one of these for somewhere else in the house... if I can find a place for one that makes sense :)

I'm really really happy with the way the tray turned out.  Target always has such cute plates, and the resin plates are always really inexpensive.  When I was at Goodwill I seriously considered just buying some mismatched ones from there, which would look pretty cool I think... but I'm glad I stuck with the ones from Target. I love the colors and the patterns. 

Check out some more DIY tiered trays.

There are obviously tons of ways you can go about this, and they're all great if you ask me!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Bathroom help!

We are planning on ripping out of bathroom vanity and replacing it with a pedestal sink.  So we've been searching every home improvement store around trying to see if we could match the tiles that are already in there. 

Home Depot? No luck.
Lowes?  Nah.
Menards?  Nope.

So I decided to just call the lady that we bought the house from and ask her if she remembered where they bought the tiles.  I am so happy we bought our house from such nice people, by the way.  I have talked to this woman for way longer than necessary in the short time that we have lived here.  I did feel a little weird about calling though since we hadn't talked for a while.

But she was incredibly nice about it, as I thought she would be, and told me the store they bought the tiles at (somewhere we probably wouldn't have checked) and that she was so excited for our new pedestal sink!  Seriously, she's the nicest lady ever.

So, Saturday we went to the store she told us.  We had no spare tiles to take in and compare, so I just went in there with a picture on my phone of our bathroom tiles.
I showed it to one of the ladies working there, and within about a second of seeing the picture she said "Oh we don't sell these any more, they aren't even available anywhere".

I couldn't believe that she recognized them that quickly!

But... bummer.  No tiles.  They didn't even have any that looked remotely close... so now we're back to not knowing what to do.

We could obviously just re-tile the entire floor but we are going to try to avoid that if at all possible.  Our bathroom is tiny and it wouldn't be that big of a job, but... we weren't expecting to go to all of that work just to put in a new sink.


I need help.

Can you think of ANY way to re-tile the vanity area with different tiles, while still making it look normal?

We've been thinking of maybe making a small border around that area with smallish tiles, then re-tiling underneath there with other larger tiles.  But how do we do that without it looking too crazy?  Is it possible?

Here is a picture of our vanity...

The tiles...

I'm stumped.  I don't want to re-tile.  I really don't.  I'm sure there are other tiles I would LOVE to have in there other than the ones we've got, but I just don't want to mess with it if we don't have to.

Suggestions are welcome!!!

Ok, I am BEGGING you for some suggestions!  

I think we could do something to make it work, I just can't quite figure out what it should look like or how bizarre it would look?


I do actually have a project to share, but I wanted to get this out there first :)