Thursday, December 8, 2011

A Ridiculous Amount of Christmas Pictures...

Well, once again Kristin has informed me that my blog is boring her so I figured I'd share some pictures of our Christmas decorations!  :)  I feel like I'll still be adding random things to the house up until Christmas actually rolls around, but here is what it looks like at the moment.

I took some last night and some today.  A lot of them.  Of basically every angle I could find...

I LOVE how the lights make our house glow at night.  It's seriously one of my favorite things.  I am obsessed with Christmas lights I think.  I'm obsessed with all things Christmas related actually.  Love it.

Enjoy, Kristin... even though you were just here and saw all of this in person :)


I made some waterless snow globes from jars I bought Hobby Lobby, some little trees also from there, and some little plastic deer I found at Michaels.  I glued 2 of them to candlesticks I got at Walmart.  I like them a lot.  They've got some glitter and fake snow in them and they probably make me a little happier than necessary.


(This was before I sprayed clear spray paint over that white tree, so now the epsom salt/glitter doesn't flake off anymore!  Yay.)


There is no letter on that stocking because it is one of our ''extras''... I've got one hidden away with the baby's initial on it but I can't bring it out yet because people will try to guess her name... and that's no fun :)

Also, that toy is actually for Dexter... but it won't fit in his goofy little stocking.  But this way we actually look like nice parents who bought our baby a stocking stuffer... :)

I am planning on hanging something from the garland separating the rooms, but the ornaments I was planning on using don't look all that great.  So I'm still thinking.

I feel like this picture should count as a Christmas decoration considering she's due on Christmas Eve... It works, right?  
Although we are REALLY hoping she's here by then... Ah.

This is sitting on our little table in the kitchen.  Ignore the wrinkled napkins and folded placemats.

We've got two shelves on each side of our kitchen window behind the sink.  I tried to make them at least somewhat Christmas-y.  The bottle of wine (from our wedding) and the pinecones actually sit there all year... But they look good sitting out for Christmas :)  The pinecones, at least...
The other side.  Not super exciting, but I'm glad there's something there!

I have been wrapping my presents with craft paper for the last few years, but I get stuck on how to make the tags and what sorts of ribbon to use and that kind of thing.  But I like them this year.  I bought glittery paper at Michaels and just cut out the first letter of each recipients name.  M's for moms and D's for dadd.  I wasn't sure if I should use the letter for their actual name or not, but I decided on mom and dad.  It works.  Ignore how goofy Owen's present is.  And I was about 1.5" short on wrapping paper so I tried to hide it with the ribbon.  I don't think he'll mind though.

Anywho, I love it.  I love our tree.  A lot.  I love that there are no ornaments on it, but I'm sure some day we'll need a tree to hold some ornaments.  We've already got some that really should be displayed somewhere... maybe we'll have to put up a little tree somewhere.

We don't have NEARLY enough decorations in my opinion, but this entire house would probably be covered if I didn't think Michael would kill me :)
The night time pictures make me super happy though.  I think from now on I'm going to allow ONLY Christmas lights to be turned on at night.  

Sounds good to me.

Ok, that was a ton of pictures... a lot of them repeats, but too bad :) 



  1. See, was that so hard? Thanks! I love the pictures. Come decorate my house for Christmas now.

  2. GORGEOUS!!! It is sooo christmassy - Elf would be proud :)

  3. Just stunning. Your style is fantastic. I find your tree and home decorations sooo lovely. Allow me to pin this in my favorite Christmas tree decorating ideas too. Cheers!