Thursday, October 27, 2011

Super Fast Baby Blanket

I wasn't even sure if I was going to post this project because it was such a quick one and I'm not completely happy with the way it came out.  

But, here I am doing it.

When we found out we were having a baby, I came up with a HUGE list of projects I wanted to make.  I have done all of them except for making a ''play mat''... or basically just a blanket to just lay down while she's on the floor playing.

So I threw one together really quickly last week.  It's pretty big, actually, because I literally just took an inexpensive twin sized sheet from Walmart and folded it in half and sewed the sides together.  I didn't really want to put batting in it or anything, but I probably should have.  It still would've been an extremely fast project to make if I had done that, but at the time I had convinced myself that I didn't want to.

I started out by cutting out 3 different sizes of hearts out of Heat 'n Bond. Then picked some fabrics I liked so I could start ironing the hearts to the backs of them.


 My pile of hearts.

 Then I just sort of scattered the hearts over the sheet I had sewed together and pinned them in place.

 Peeling off the Heat 'n Bond paper, flipping over and ironing it on.

 Here they are all ironed on!  But I still had to sew them to the sheet.  I used the light hold Heat 'n Bond so you still have to sew your fabric on to get it secure enough to be thrown in the washing machine.  I'm not sure if the heavier duty stuff needs sewn on or not... I'll have to look into that though.  But, this is what I had laying around, so it's what I used.

 All finished!

 I'm not SUPER crazy about this blanket, but... it works.  I feel like we'll end up folding it in half most of the time because it really is much bigger than I had planned on making it.  But I'm glad I completed my list of projects finally! 


Saturday, October 15, 2011

Back Porch Makeover

This post has been a long time in the making, people.  I started writing it this summer when we were actually working on our porch, and I FINALLY took pictures of it finished.

So, here's my 3-4 month old post with a few new pictures at the end:

We're re-doing our back porch.

We intended on just painting over our old ugly vinyl flooring because, seriously, how cute are these painted floors:

 from here

 from here

from here

from here
from here
from here

 You get the idea.  All cute, right?  We weren't planning on doing a stencil but I figured anything would be better than what we had.

...but then we realized that the tiles on our back porch were very likely asbestos tiles since our house is pretty old... which means we could absolutely NOT sand the floor before we painted. Sanding asbestos tiles is a pretty big no-no.  But, sanding your floor before priming and painting is a pretty important part of painting over tiles because it will help make sure that your paint is going to stick to a non-glossy surface.

So... We thought maybe we'd still try to paint it, and just make sure we de-grease the crap out of it first, then do multiple coats of primer, paint and polyurathane.

Well, on the way to Lowes we started talking about doing self adhesive vinyl tiles instead.  I liked that idea way better from the beginning but thought painting it seemed like the less expensive route.

One look at the tiles and we decided we would be much happier with those than a painted floor.  Painting the floor would also basically kick us off of our back porch for at least a few days to give it time to dry, which would be a pretty huge pain in our butts since that is the door we use 99% of the time and the door we let Dexter out of when he needs to go out.

So.  Tiles won.  By a lot.

And my plan all along was to paint the walls too, because they were not good...

Here is the porch before we started taking everything out... from one side of the porch at least.

(The love seat will be getting a slip cover soon and hopefully there will be some sort of new window coverings too, because they won't go with the new colors of the porch at all... you'll see)

After it was emptied:
 Those colors were getting very close to driving me absolutely insane.  Peach and purple... really???

 I didn't have much of a problem with the back porch when we moved in.  But, this is the main door we use to go in and out of the house so we're back here a lot and there were so many things about it that really started to bug me.

 So we put down the new floor...

And we painted the walls...

And here is what it looked like when we were done!

I was going for a ''robin's egg blue''ish color and thought this one was pretty close.  It isn't quite this bright in person, but I like it a lot.  I think it is called Lake Breeze by Valspar.
I love it with the new white cabinets and molding and the little bit of exposed bricke.  The color of the cabinets is almost the exact color of the old molding, but I re-painted all of the molding too.  I had no idea how close of a match the color was until I started painting over it.  You could barely tell where I had painted and where I hadn't.  


Here's where the new stuff starts... which is basically just a few pictures.

Don't ask me why it took me so long to finish this... Baby projects are just way way way more fun I guess :)

My little table of succulents... succulents are about the only plants I can keep alive so it works out pretty well that I'm obsessed with them. 

 Ignore how bright these pictures are.

 We get TONS of light back here now with these sheer curtains.

 More succulent globes on that little table.

Slipcovers bother me a little bit, but the look of this slightly off white slipcover looks so much better with the new floor/wall color than the green that it was before.

Dexter loves to sleep on the love seat back here... it's adorable.  He kept jumping up there while I was trying to take pictures, but I was mean and made him leave.  I think he forgave me though.

So our new porch is about a billion times better than the old one, even though it's not super exciting... AND I am really excited to have this post no longer saved as a Draft :)  Phew.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Our Finished Nursery

Yay for having our nursery finished unnecessarily early!

I really am so happy we're done with it already and we can just relax and worry about other things.  I love the way it turned out.  Really really love. 

Oh, this little guy came in the mail after I took pictures and I am too lazy to go take more right now ... also, the room isn't quite as tidy as it was the day I took these...  

But I love him :)

So here's the room!!

I am so happy we found this chair on Craigslist for such a good price.  It was practically brand new and very clean, but we shampooed it anyways.  It is pretty comfortable, it rocks and reclines, and is the perfect size for the spot we wanted to use it in.

I made the clouds out of fleece and stuffed them with batting, then made fabric rain drops out of some of the Joel Dewberry fabrics I chose to use throughout the room.

 Leo the Owl sits right next to that tiered tray now.

The two small Expedit shelves are from IKEA.

 I made the alphabet print, the cloud print and the bird print on Picnik.  Then I framed more of the Joel Dewberry fabric.  I like the way it turned out.  I had all of those frames from when our bedroom was upstairs and we had a frame collage.  The little empty frames came from the Michaels dollar bin a few years ago that I've had sitting around, and I spray painted them white. The two standing frames are from IKEA.

I made the tiered tray a few months ago and I'm really glad I finally have a better use for it.  I'm pretty happy I chose navy and white plates since they match the room so well.

Those turquoise boxes were an extremely lucky find at Kohls.  I didn't have a plan for what I wanted to put there yet, and I just randomly stumbled upon these for 70% off.  I got all 4 of them for $10 and they match PERFECTLY... I was pretty amazed and very happy.

 The metal tub is from Michaels.  I got it for $8 with a 40% off coupon.   I don't see them for anywhere near that price anywhere else so I'm glad I was able to get 2 of them before they were all gone, which they are now every time I check.  This tub is filled with the soft baby blocks, the ABC and counting book, and a few taggy blankets and extra birds from the mobile.

The magnet board is from IKEA and I made the alphabet magnets.

 The curtains are the only thing in the room that I'm not completely happy with.  I put navy fabric over top of the old roman shades we used to have on our back porch.  Then I used heat 'n bond on Joel Dewberry fabric and cut out as many flowers as I could and I ironed them on.  I don't mind them, really, but they didn't turn out quite like I imagined.  But they definitely work.  And they really darken the room when they are pulled down and I love that.

I love this line of Joel Dewberry fabric if you couldn't tell... I love the way the bunting quilt, crib sheet and crib skirt look together.

We got our Baby Mod Olivia 3 in 1 crib at Walmart and I absolutely love it.

 The ''LOVE'' print is another one made on Picnik.  It is so easy to make prints on there, it is pretty fun.  I got them all developed through MPIX and they do a really good job and the delivery is pretty fast.

The bird pattern for the bird mobile is here.

Wall art with the Christmas lights turned on!

 And with the shades pulled!  The lights look really cool when the room is completely dark, they shine right on the bird mobile and light them up.

 We got the big and little carrots at IKEA and they torture Dexter every time he goes in that room.  He wants them... bad.  There are more soft blocks and a few other things I made stuffed in there also.  

The picture ledge that we're using for books is also from IKEA.  

I made the cushion, but it's a tad over stuffed and lumpy.  I am happy with it though.  It was my first time using piping and it worked out pretty well.  I somewhat followed this tutorial, but decided to make mine square.

I love our little changing station.  

Another picnik print I made, and IKEA containers which hold our tiny gdiapers, baby powder, diaper rash cream, a thermometer and other "grooming" supplies.

The dresser is the one that Michael used when he was a baby which we painted white and put new handles on.  The box on the side of the changing pad is just an old Amazon box covered in fabric and it holds our baby wipes.

Our chair again, and cloud mobile which I'm so happy I made.  Those were one of the last things I made for the room because it was wayyyy too bare above that chair before.  But it looks exactly the way I wanted it too now.

So there it is!  We really do love it and I think it will be a great room for this little girl to grow into!!
And now we continue to wait...