Friday, August 5, 2011

Nursery Wall Art

Our nursery doesn't have a specific theme, but I am using all Joel Dewberry Modern Meadow fabric for the decorating.  The colors are very gender neutral, but now that we know it's a girl I don't feel bad about using a few of his more flowery fabrics (and a couple from the Berry Palette!)

I wanted there to be some sort of art above the crib but I didn't know what to do for sure.

I saw this picture:

...when I was writing my last ''Nursery Ideas'' post and I thought that clouds would be really cute, but I wasn't going to put them right on the wall.

So I got two 20 x 24 canvases at Michaels and started painting some clouds.

Then I ironed on some fabric onto Heat 'n Bond just to make it all easier to cut out.  After I cut the clouds I left it on the Heat 'n Bond paper and then just used spray adhesive on the backs and stuck them onto the canvases.

(Here they are just laid out trying to decide where to glue them on.)

After that, I used Mod Podge over the entire canvas to make sure the clouds were completely attached.

THEN, I had an idea involving a strand of battery powered Christmas lights that I wasn't sure if I would do it or not, but I got brave and tried it anyways.

After some serious issues trying to drill through the wood on the back of the canvas for a a couple of lights to stick through, I ended up with this:

 I put a tiny bit of super glue around each hole on the back of the canvas before I poked each light through, then held them down for a little bit just to make sure they won't pop out.  For now the battery box is just sitting on that ledge, but I get to that in a minute.

And the other one...

The finished front:

And the other:

Are you ready for the lights??????????

And the other!
 This one was sitting in a bit of a shadow, but after I took the picture I didn't feel like correcting the lighting because you get to see what it looks like in the dark!

You can see the 4 ''extra'' lights just kind of randomly laying on the back of the cloud and I'm not sure I like that or not, but I'm not going to change it now.  It's definitely not a big deal, it just doesn't look like I imagined it would.

But I like them!  

Oh, except I completely missed the outline of the cloud at one part... I don't know how this happened:

Eh, oh well.

Now, I wanted to be able to turn the lights on and off without taking the canvas off of the wall.  So I wanted to cut a space into the wood on the back of the canvas big enough to put the battery pack in:

 I put a little bit of Gorilla Glue on each end of the pack, then wedged it in.

 Michael helped me cut these spaces, thank goodness, or I probably would've ended up cutting straight through the entire canvas.

And they're all done and hung up above the crib!

I'm happy we can get to the on/off switch for each one without moving the canvases, but it's a little sloppy on the bottom.  Oh well.  They work perfectly fine!

You can see the shape of the battery box through the front of this canvas, but I'm hoping that will smooth out eventually and that it's just from me pushing on it.

With the lights on!

(I might get some Command strips to stick onto the back of the canvases too.  With the cords from the lights it makes them stick away from the wall a little bit, but that might fix itself eventually too once they are hung there for a bit.)

I like them :)

I love them with the lights on, but I don't know how often they will actually be turned on.  It's still fun though, I think.


  1. This is ADORABLE!!! Amazing job!
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  3. Such an original idea, I love it!


  4. What a really cool idea!!! They turnd out so pretty and the lights are just fantastically fun!!!

  5. I LOVE that!! I haven't seen battery powered lights with that small of a pack before. Def going to search for those this season & make one! Thanks!!!!

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    thanks for sharing!

    {love} lauryn @

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  12. these canvases are beautiful AND original! I love that you were inspired by a photo but totally made it your own and made it beautiful. Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy!!

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  14. The artwork alone is adorable...but adding the lights really is the icing on the cake! :)

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    thanks for the tutorial.
    cheryl xox.

  27. So very cute. For those extra lights, you could always pop the light part off, I think. Like when one of your christmas lights goes out, you can pop it off and replace it, I believe... am I remembering correctly? I dunno - it's late, might just be my tired brain mixing up ideas...

  28. Great ideas! I have always wanted to take a large picture book and frame some of the pages. Like from Alice in Wonderland, Winnie the Pooh, or other classics. You can even go the Goodwill or a used book store and pick up children books for cheap.