Monday, August 15, 2011

Nursery Bird Mobile

Baby projects are seriously ridiculously fun.

This mobile was one of the first things I had done, actually, but we just got it hung up last week after I finished the wall art and got the crib put together.

I have had my eye on this bird mobile for years... 

I pretty much promised myself about 3 years ago that some day I'd make this for my future child so I'm pretty dang excited that I finally got to do it.

Of course their birds turned out a bit better than mine, but I still like them!  And they really are pretty easy to make.  

I tried to make one about a year ago just for fun, and it did not turn out all that great:
 It's just slightly lumpy and not real great looking.

But after making this bird is when I figured out that you don't need to put any stuffing in the tail. I did stuff the tail of that first bird I made and it makes a BIG difference in how it looks if you don't stuff it.

From the pictures of the original mobile you can see that they did not stuff their tails, but I didn't pay much attention to that I guess.

So this time, I did not stuff the tails and they turned out SO much better... Plus I used cuter fabric so that always helps :)

I ended up with a few extra birds so I threw them in the toy bucket I've got going on along with the ABC book and baby blocks.

So here is the finished project!  It was hard to take good pictures because of how busy the wall art is, but I like the way they look together:

The upside down bird was not intentional... I just could not get the crazy thing to balance right side up.  I actually kind of like it upside down, but Michael thinks it is "morbid".  Does it look like a dead bird, or just a bird hanging upside down??

And a couple with the lights on, just for fun :)


I am excited that the room is slowly coming together.  We've got more to do but lots of time to do it in, so we've definitely got a good start.



  1. I absolutely love it! I actually bookmarked the same bird mobile to do for our son's room and then I ended up going with a different theme. But I love what you did! It's adorable!

  2. cuteness. Love the art too. Great pattern and colors. Surely something a sweet baby will love. winks-jen

  3. Wow, this is beyond adorable! Such a creative eye you have! Impressive!

    By the way, I am hosting my first link party, and would love to have you link this up to it--

  4. I love that! I love the wall art too it looks so great all together! I have had my eye on those fabric birds too...I just put in some tree branches in my dd room and deciding if I'll make some to go on it...I just love what you did!

  5. That's adorable!!! Great job. I agree-- nurseries are so much fun to decorate!

  6. It is really cute. Maybe thicker sticks would help him balance better?? Either way, super cute. Love your cloud art too.

  7. So cute!! I love it. Great job!
    Thanks for linking up to this week's Catch a Glimpse party. I'll be featuring this today.

  8. This is so stinkin cute! I like yours better than the original.

  9. this is so great, friend! i love it - fabulous job :) thank you so much for your congratulations on our sweet babies!

  10. I'm in love with this. Now I just need to find a baby to make it for! I don't think the bird looks morbid because dead birds don't hang in trees. They lay on the ground. Or in a cat's mouth. Either way, I LOVE it!