Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Soft Baby Blocks

I'm not sure how many little toys I will be making for the baby, but I thought that some baby blocks would be cute.

I had some 5" x 5" Amy Butler squares that I bought on Etsy like 3-4 years ago when I was making a quilt.  I used those squares for the centers of each block on this quilt:

(I'm not crazy about this quilt, but I liked it at the time :)  Some of the fabric choices are very questionable to me now, but it is really big and comfortable so that's fun.)

Anyways, I have had extra squares sitting around ever since then, so... I made some baby blocks!

I love them :)  

I added little pieces of ribbon to a few sides of each block to make little tags to grab onto.  


They stayed pretty square for the most part, and you can kind of smash them into shape once they are done, too.  I think they would've looked pretty cool if I had used the interfacing but I am perfectly happy with them the way they are.

I love how bright they all are!


  1. I love these! I am going to feature them on my blog on Friday! Hope you come by and check it out!


  2. very pretty,&baby will love them!!!

  3. I love those colorful squares. Thanks for sharing.

    Cassy from Download Guitar Lessons

  4. Very cute! I love the Amy Butler fabric too.

  5. These blocks are the cutest! Your dog is so cute too! I have a yorkie also.

  6. cute! You are so good at sewing it make me jealous! I try so hard and cant sew anything!

  7. These are so cute!! You are so talented! I'm stopping by from the Catch A Glimpse Thursday party. I would love for you to link this up to My Favorite Things party! It's going on all week,
    & be sure to check out my giveaway too!

  8. Those are so adorable! Thank you for sharing them with us.

  9. Very cute! I love the fabric too!

  10. I've seen these in the stores, and yours are a gazillion times cuter!! Great colors!!!

    We host a linky party “Help a Momma Out” every Tuesday. This would be a perfect link up! Please feel free to add it :) We appreciate it! Thanks for sharing!


  11. Your newest follower. These are so cute & I think its funny that the hubby is 2nd after the dog (in your sidebar). LOL

  12. Very cute baby blocks! they look so soft!