Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Heat Transfer Vinyl (round two)

Heat transfer vinyl is awesome.  I'm in the middle of another project using it that hopefully you will see soon.

After making our nephew his ''Made in Iowa'' onesie, I knew that I wanted to make one for our baby too.

I used vinyl from Expressions Vinyl again and really like this stuff.

I used Sure Cuts a Lot again with the Illinois SVG file I have on my computer.

I have better instructions on this whole process in this post.

Using heat transfer vinyl you have to cut everything backwards, but what I forgot this time around was that you also have to TYPE it backwards as well as flip the image.  Good thing I practiced cutting it out on paper first, but I was extremely confused why some of the letters were still backwards.

So typing this I had to type ''EDAM'' ''NI'' ''SIONILLI'' and then using Sure Cuts a Lot in your Properties box,  go to ''Flip Shapes''.

Then line everything up the way you want it.  It was hard to center everything looking at it sideways like this but it turned out pretty good:


  1. I love it! Go Illinois! I totally want one for my baby now : )

  2. Cool! I'll have to ask my sister to try this on her Cricut!

  3. here from Illinois as well and must say I love it come see me at

  4. So cute! I have a Cricut and I've never done this! I'm pinning this for sure for when I'm ready to try it out. Such a great idea... found you at Tatertots & Jello. I'm your newest follower!
    Laurie @ Gallamore West :)

  5. This is of course adorable!I have been keeping up with your blog even though I have not been commenting!

  6. Love this! I can NEVER get heat transfer to work for me. This is great for my kiddos who have all been born (made) in different states.

  7. So cute!! Visiting from Tip Junkie.
    I am definitely pinning this for later :)

  8. As an Illinoisan, I must say totally CUTE!