Sunday, July 17, 2011

Changing Pad Cover and Crib Sheet

Why are baby projects the most fun things to make?  I am having way too much fun making really boring things like crib sheets...

I'm so happy that people create such easy to follow tutorials for these things or I would be LOST.

The crib sheet tutorial I used from Prudent Baby was really simple and it turned out perfect the first time.  My fabric was a bit too skinny, but only by a couple of inches.  Those 2 inches made a big difference though once I had to fold it under to make a pocket for the elastic. 

It definitely fits the mattress, but it's a little short on the sides.  I really doubt you will be able to tell once it's on the crib., but even if you can I don't really care.  It covers the sides just fine, but it just BARELY fits under the bottom of the crib.  But oh well.  I like it!

Close up of the fabric:
This is a little more green in real life than the picture shows.

For the main items in the room I am using all Joel Dewberry fabric in the Pond Palette:
I did not buy all of those, probably only 5 different fabrics and I haven't decided where to use them yet.  But the crib bumpers will be in these fabrics, possibly a crib skirt and a few other things.

I used the Herringbone in Lake for the changing pad cover and I like it a lot.  That is one of my favorite fabrics that I'm using.

I was a little scared of this tutorial from A Load of Craft because of the fact that the changing pad is contoured.  The tutorial is another really nicely written one and easy to follow, but I was pretty worried I'd get confused with the sides... but it worked out pretty well.  It did not fit very tightly at all after my first attempt, but after I marked where I needed to take it in a bit it fits really nicely so I'm pretty happy with it!!

And since you can see the entire dresser in these pictures, I might as well talk about that too :)
This was the very first baby related project I did, and it's been done for over a month already.  I loved the shape of the dresser I just really wanted white furniture and it needed new handles too.  I wasn't thinking and didn't take a ''Before'' picture and this was as good as I could find:

Ignore the blurriness, it is zoomed in so you can see it slightly better.

I am really really really happy with the way it turned out.

The room is coming together!  I know it's ridiculously early to be doing as much as I'm doing, but I want to do it while I still feel like it... so I'm refusing to put it off any longer :)


  1. Cute stuff! Love the fabric! I am visiting from Sumo's Sweet Stuff and I am a new follower!!! I hope you have a great week and that I see you around soon!!

  2. Baby crafts ARE the most fun! I've been having such a great time on them and trying to get as many as possible done before the baby is here! This is really cute! I might have to try it if we end up buying a 2nd changing pad for downstairs.

  3. This is great, looks so much better than the plan ones you get at the store. Def will try this soon!!! Thanks

  4. My sister keeps telling me how easy a crib sheet is... I just don't know if I can pull it off with my very beginner sewing skills.

    We're considering some of the same fabrics for our nursery! Can't wait to see yours :)