Thursday, March 3, 2011

Someone buy me a camper.

Michael asked me last night what I want for my birthday (which is over a month away still) and I told him I want absolutely nothing.

It's true, I don't want or need anything... ever, probably.

But I am making a pretend birthday list for him that basically only includes one thing:  A camper.

A teeny tiny camper, not one of those huge RV's.

Obviously this is not a real list, but it really is something I have always wanted... they are so incredibly cute and cool... 

If you really want to start a ''Camper Fund'' for me, I won't be offended.

First of all I'll show you some new campers that could be bought, and then I'll show you the amazing things that people do with some awesome old campers...

This is called The Scamp, and it is pretty dang cute...
These people are excited about it too, I think.

Check him out HERE.

I can't figure out the price of any of these, but I'm kind of happy about that.  My dreams would be shot down pretty quickly if I saw how much they cost. Cripes.

THIS website features the next few campers.

This one is called The TAB.

 How adorable is this?

The TAB floorplan:

The Basecamp.

The floor plan.

It is impossible to read, I know.  .

Hyperlite Superlite (what a name!)

Check out the inside...


Hi-Lo Mojo (another interesting name)


Ok, there are tons more on that website, but you get the idea.

As cool as these are, they are NOTHING in comparison to some old vintage campers that people have done amazing things with.

Michael, this is my birthday list (Lucky for you, none of these are for sale.  Dang it):

This is obviously not a usable camper, but it still looks cool!

This is a van, but I'd still take it!

How cute!

I love it.

These next two are not exactly my style but it's still neat.  The website below them shows a few restoration projects.

A couple more vans...

So ridiculously cute... I can't stand it.

Ok, you get the idea.  There are still TONS more that I am finding and loving but I suppose I'll stop.  They are so fun to look at though!

 And it is fun to imagine actually having one of these and getting to decorate it however you want, and taking it cool places and camping somewhere ridiculous.

I'll continue to dream that some day it could actually happen.


  1. I'm a new follower. I really enjoy your blog ☺ Cute campers!

  2. Check out the one called A-Liner too!!! These are adorable!!!