Friday, March 11, 2011

12 Year Old Cancer Patient's Wish of 1 Million Cards

I saw this on facebook and thought I would share and try to get this kid a little closer to his wish of getting 1,000,000 cards.

A few of my friends have been posting this.  This kid is from a town close to where I grew up and where my dad still lives (hi dad!).
Max Low is a 12 yr old from Neola, IA He has been battling cancer for half of his life. His doctors recently told his parents to enjoy the time they have left with him. His wish is to get 1 million cards. If you would like to help Max get his wish, please send a get well card to the following address: Mighty Max Low, C/O Greg and Bambi Low, PO Box 111,Neola, IA 51559
 Here is an update on him from facebook:

I wanted to update everyone on the most current update on Max Low - as of yesterday, he is still @ Childrens Hospital and will remain there until Max can produce and get his white blood cell count up. Some time down the road will they proceed with the bone marrow transplant as long as his tests come back zero cancer cells - I am not sure of the time frame other than a minimum of 3-5 more weeks before they will know if they will be able to proceed with the bone marrow transplant - until then Max will remain in Childrens Hospital.

THANK YOU TO EVERYONE that has sent cards, prayers, local friends thank you for the food care packages - it sure helps the whole family out !!!!

In the last couple of weeks - Max has received over 600 cards from all over - It sure makes Max smile and gives him something to do and looks forward to opening his "FAN" Mail - Just to name one card Max received today is a card from President Bush Sr with a really nice note and well wishes !!!! How exciting that was for him - I thought how cool is that ... the President took time out of his day to read the story about Max and a little boy's wish to receive a Million cards and he wrote a note and mailed it to him - THANK YOU TO ALL OF YOU and please keep them coming !!!!
I know he enjoys reading all the well wishes, stories and everyday happenings instead of doing homework !!!!
GOD BLESS you ALL and please keep the prayers coming and feel free to pass this info to your family & friends -

** Don't forget a group of us are putting on a benefit on Saturday April 2, 2011 in Omaha, NE at the Carpenter's Union Hall - Noon - 6pm - If you would like any further information please email me directly -

People have asked how to donate directly so 3 years ago a fund was set up for Direct Donations accepted @ any US Bank - Max-A-Million and/or Max Low Fund - Underwood, IA

If anyone would like to send Max a get well card, here is the address. He's still in the hospital and I know he would really enjoy getting a few cards! Thanks!
Mighty Max Low
PO Box 111
Neola, IA 51559

A few things Max Likes - dirt biking - 4 wheeling - skateboarding - football - baseball - Green Bay Packers - Minnesota Vikings and yes the Iowa Hawkeyes !!!
I did want to add that my life-long friends have ALWAYS been there supporting other's ..... that's the kind of people they are .... so if there is something as simple as making them dinner to help ease some of the time consuming day to day while working and driving back & forth 4 times a day from Neola, IA to Omaha ..... I will continue to spread the word and do what I can - I believe in the compassion of others and the power of prayer .....
I will update you all soon - until then ...... Thank you from the bottom of my heart -
 I am going to send him a card.  I'm sure he would LOVE one from you too if you have some time!

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  1. I will definitely be sending that brave little boy a card. Thank you for posting this. I will also be posting a link to your blog on my facebook page.