Friday, February 4, 2011

Major Project Failure.

I had the BRRRILLIANT idea to use this free stencil to make some really cool vases.

I knew I wanted to use the stencil for something and I also knew that I had 2 vases sitting around that needed something to make them a little more attractive and not so boring.

One was in the bathroom with some fake tulips in it, and the other was in the kitchen with some more fake flowers in them.  I love fake flowers.  I don't care if they aren't even realistic looking fake flowers, I still love them.  

So, I spray painted the vases white:

I had to turn the free stencil file into a SVG file using Inkskape... Then doubled it up on Sure Cuts A Lot and cut 2 sheets of it on my cricut:

All cut out.

Before I put it on the vase I had to cut off the edges so the sheets would fit up against each other nicely:

I think I bought this roll of contact paper (or maybe it is shelf liner?? I had no idea it was brown until I started to unroll it) at The Dollar Tree... probably over a year ago because I had plans to use it and then never did.

It was not quite sticky enough, and it kept just slightly peeling up at certain spots.

Everything looked fine up until I actually start putting it on the vase.  Actually even then it still seemed ok for a little while.  I had high hopes at the beginning of this project, but after I started trying to lay it out/stick it down to the vase I started getting very frustrated.

First of all, I was glad it wasn't super sticky because I had to reposition it sooooo many times.  I was going to lay the stencil over the entire vase, but I was getting too frustrated because of the fluted top of the vase, and... lots of other reasons.  It just wasn't working.

But it started off ok:
But when I started to do the bottom half, things just weren't working out...

It just would not lay flat like the first piece did...

So I decided to lay just one row of it in the middle of the vase and have that be it.

 I was still having high hopes at this point, folks.  

Until I would look away for a minute and then look back and little pieces all over were peeling up.  Ugh.

So when I went down to the basement to spray paint, I ran my thumb across each line of the stencil and then spray painted as fast as I could hoping that it would stay stuck.

Well it didn't... and there were drips... and it just didn't work out.

 I could tell before I even peeled it off that it was going to be a disaster :)

 It looks ok from a distance, but trust me... it is not good.

 The shorter vase turned out even worse.  

I used the leftover pieces from the insides of the stencil and stuck them on thinking that this would turn out cute if I could pull it off.

See all the parts that didn't stick down completely?? ALL of those spots bled.  Awesome.


Oh brother.  See all of that bleeding??? Sad.

As I said...

This project was a Major Fail, unfortunately.

I plan to try again and I already know what I want to do... This time I will use something stickier... (better contact paper maybe, or something better if I can think of it)... and with a STRAIGHT vase.  I'll get it next time.  This was good practice at least, right??

I might just try and re-paint them both the aqua-ish color.  We'll see.

At least one of my spray painting projects turned out.  I have quite a few items that got spray painted sitting in the basement but they aren't ready to come upstairs yet :)

This box is ok, however.

Here it is before:

I never liked it, even right after I finished painting it I just thought it was just too much.

Here it is now:

Perfect for pens/hot glue sticks and other random things.

Much better.


  1. Thanks for keeping it real with your projects! Love the black lampshade!!

  2. ah yes, the project they have 'character' or at least that's how i rationalize it.