Sunday, February 6, 2011

A few things I've been working on...

Two more of my spray painting projects got to come upstairs today.

One of them was this candle holder that we found at a flea market that I thought was kind of cute: 

 It's not anything too special and we ended up seeing like 4 of these there which I thought was kind of weird.  I didn't even know where we'd put it but I think it was like $2, so I figured I might as well get it.

I spray painted it white, and it looks a lot better.  

It's probably not going to stay sitting there on those trays, but that's where I decided to set it for the picture :)  I really don't know where to put it.  I feel like all of our little knick knacks could use some rearranging, so we'll see where it ends up.
The second thing that finally got to come upstairs today was that old spice rack we had:

 (This is actually one of the piles of things I took downstairs to get spray painted white.  I got those frames in the dollar bin at Michaels a long time ago and haven't figure out what to do with them yet... But I might have an idea for them that involves the bedroom.  So you'll have to wait and see if that idea works out or not)

 I like it!
I knew as soon as we got our new spice containers what I wanted to do with this.  I used to have these glass jars that had all of my buttons in them.  

 (This was at our apartment)

I loved them, but they took up too much room and I felt like they really had to all be lined up and displayed nicely and they were just getting in the way.  So I took all of the plastic spice jars that came with the rack, washed them out, and filled them with my buttons!
 There ended up being the perfect amount of jars.  I have about 2 jars per color of buttons, so it was good.  I do not plan on getting any more buttons any time soon, but I also have a button project in mind, so these jars will all empty out a bit fairly soon.

 So much better.

A couple of those glass jars are now in our pantry:

Oh, and I rearranged my desk a couple of weeks ago...

This is what it looked like when we moved in...

I kept it clean for quite a while, but it slowly became a disaster area.

Here it was the day I decided to rearrange/organize:

This really is what it looked like, I hadn't started dragging things out or anything yet... Yikes.

And now! (with the spice jar button holder!)

I switched walls that my desk was on and I like it much better there.. basically just so my back isn't facing the door.  I'm a freak.

Hopefully I can keep it like this (for the most part).  It usually takes me completely reorganizing stuff to get me motivated enough to keep it clean.  It still needs organized a bit more, but it is so much better... Seriously.

I love my $7 Gordmans lamp, the newly painted spice rack and drawers.  Looks so much better!  And they look good with my IKEA containers.  I finally decided to hang them up.  I'm glad I didn't do it before I decided to rearrange!  If they had been hung up I doubt I would've switched walls.
Ok, last thing I swear.  I took a bunch of those keys that we also found at a flew market and made this picture using a shadow box (which cracked when I started taking the wrapping off... So I very sloppily hot glued it back together.  It does not look good, but hopefully no one is going to be examining it that closely!).

I probably would not have made this, but for a long time we had these keys just sitting in the living room in a big pile... One day I made a heart out of them because I was bored, then later I noticed that Michael had made an M and A on it... I took a picture of it on my phone because I decided that I might want to make something out of it... So I did :)

Here is the phone picture:
I actually kind of like this one better, but oh well.  They are pretty close.

This might end up in the bedroom, also.  Me trying to make the bedroom more cozy and cuter is not coming together as quickly as I'd like it to unfortunately, but... I'm getting there!  The new pillows and curtains help a TON, I am just trying to get more things on the walls still.


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  1. What an amazing idea! I love your workspace! Would you mind if I featured this on my blog on Friday?

  2. I love the button jar spice rack. I have the same spice rack on my counter (still filled with spices because I haven't found a new way to store them that I like). As soon as I empty it, I'm going to do this for my buttons. My current button storage system isn't a system at all. I need this. Thanks for the great idea!

  3. okay that organization is truly amazing! I am very jealous! Thanks so much for linking up to handmade tuesdays @ ladybug blessings!

  4. I really need to get back to my craft room b/c it needs some serious organizational help. Thanks for some ideas. Thanks for linking up over at Giggles, Glitz & Glam!

    Be sure to check out this excellent giveaway:

  5. Wow... I'm in love with your desk/workspace reno! I'm in the midst of ... well... trying to figure out what to do with my cluttered mess!!! It's one of my home goals for 2011. I love your colors too. Never used to be much a fan of green but I'm lovin' your green drawers! I love the white hanging cups too. We don't have an Ikea handy to where we are, but I'm hoping that maybe I will be able to order them online.
    Spice rack is awesome too!!

  6. I love the candle holder!!! what a great idea! please come link this to our party over here:

    Have a great weekend!

  7. I really love the spice rack made button organizer! So creative! Definitely tucking that idea away for later use!

  8. Your space looks great and love the new button rack! I have been working on my craft room for the last three days and am trying to work around 2 windows, 3 doors, and a heating vent. It only makes it that much harder when I steadfastly refuse to put my back to a door! I feel so much better knowing I'm not the only one :)