Friday, January 21, 2011

Who knew spice containers could make a person so happy.

I got these awesome new spice containers last week. I have seen them in so many different stores, and I was getting sick of our old spice rack... So I searched far and wide for a good price on these. Some stores sell them for a ridiculous amount. I think they are like $4 a piece at Bed, Bath and Beyond. Um, no thank you...

IKEA has a good price on them at 3 for $5, but we don't live close enough to IKEA for me to just run off and get some and I am too impatient to wait until our next trip.

So I found these babies at Kitchen Collection on sale for $1.50 a piece... And then I had a coupon code for $5 off. Awesome. These are better than the IKEA ones in my opinion, not only in the price (which are just barely cheaper) BUT they are actually meant for spices, so when you spin the lid it actually has a spot to sprinkle the spices out of so you don't even have to take the lid off if you don't want to. Awesome x 2.

This was our old spice rack, I found the picture online but this is exactly what it looks like:

Not super cute, but it worked. I have a new plan for it though... Which requires some spray paint, and clean bottles... So they are currently being washed and hopefully de-stinkified.

So... here are my CUTE new spice containers... I thought about buying a magnetic knife strip to put them on, but I don't feel like that is necessary right now because they are on the side of our fridge at the moment and I am perfectly content with them being there:

Then I bought these labels at for $2 for 50 of them:

I think they look good.

I don't like when our fridge gets too cluttered, which it almost always is, and I decided that needed to end. So, we've got our wipe off board/picture frame, and a picture my niece drew of me, Michael and Dexter. She gets to be on the fridge for doing such a cute drawing... otherwise we probably wouldn't have anything besides the wipe off board on there.

I love how Dexter looks like an octopus.

Why did I never think to make one of those boards before, by the way.. I never thought about using dry erase markers on glass... but they work just as good (if not better) as they would on a dry erase board. And they are much cuter... How did I live without a place to write about such important things like my love for marshmallows...

If you are going to make one of these, it is so freaking easy. BUT, you'll want to use much stronger magnets than I used... I had to put 5 magnets on each side of the frame to get them to stay and they still aren't stuck on there real great. I just hot glued them on and it worked pretty good. Part of that problem might be that our fridge is curved, so it required more magnets. Also, buying a really inexpensive frame is probably your best bet... not only because you can just go to the dollar store and buy one, but also because they are really lightweight and... if it does happen to break, you won't have wasted too much money on it.

I like ours.... I am probably going to end up swapping out the paper every week though. I can never make up my mind, but for now I'll live with it.

Anyways. I like my new spice containers a lot. And I'll be happy to be rid of the old one and be even happier when it makes it's way to it's new home... When it does I will be sure to share.

The End.

I'm cold.

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  1. I have those same spice containers! I think that means we should be friends.