Thursday, January 13, 2011

We need a new bathroom.

There are about a billion things I want to do around this place... And I don't know if very many of them are going to happen.

I am painting the bathroom tomorrow though! Goodbye ugly maroon. I am painting it French Grey by Glidden (because I've had a quart of it that I got for free that's been sitting around for basically an entire year... and I like the color :) ) and I am just hoping it will look ok with our tile, because I'm pretty sure that isn't going anywhere for a long long time unfortunately. I hate the tile, too, but... I can live with it.

The other things I want for the bathroom is to take out the ugly old medicine cabinet/mirror/lights and just put up a new mirror... which will require putting a new outlet in the bathroom because our ONLY outlet is the one on the medicine cabinet... annoying.

See how crazy that outlet is?? We really do only have one spot to plug things in. I basically require a space heater in our bathroom because it is torture for me to get out of the shower/tub and not have direct heat on me. I know I'm ridiculous. So I have to unplug Michael's toothbrush when I want the heater on, and then try to remember to plug it in when I'm done... which doesn't always happen. We need a real outlet. That's another thing that needs done.

I'm going to have to start making a list somewhere in the house that we'll have to walk past multiple times a day so we'll actually get some of it done.

I can't wait to walk into that room and not see red... I'm so sick of it. I wanted to paint the bathroom right when we moved in but I thought I could live with it for a while. I made it two and a half months... that's pretty good, right? :)

I also want to rip out the vanity and just put in a pedestal sink.

There is nothing wrong with the vanity, really... It's just too big for that tiny bathroom. I measured the top of the sink and it is 19.5" deep and 25" wide which is not huge, I realize. But, it is right up against the toilet on one side and the tub on the other.

There isn't much need for us to have a vanity at least as far as storage is concerned because we have a closet in the bathroom. So it makes perfect sense to me to get it out of there :)

BUT, there are a couple big problems with taking it out.

The vanity has been in the house for a very long time, and I have no idea what the floor will look like under there and we do not want to re-do the entire floor. That is probably the case with all vanities I suppose, I have no idea. But, the floor was recently re-done... Probably within the last few years. And we like the floors. But the new tile that is on the floor now is not underneath the vanity, so we will either have to try to match our tile somehow or re-do the whole thing, which does not sound like fun to me and not something that Michael will get on board with.

I don't want to re-do the floor, but if we had to, it wouldn't be that hard or take that long I don't think. It's just not something I want to mess with at all.

Taking the vanity out is not that big of a deal and definitely not something that needs to happen any time soon, but I would LOVE it if it happened. Look how much prettier pedestal sinks are... and how much less room they would take up in our tiny little bathroom:

The depth on this one is only 12 5/8"! I like that it's so much wider than it is deep. I don't mind the wideness of our vanity really... Just the floor space that it's taking up, and the depth of it.

I really don't even care that much what it looks like. I basically like all pedestal sinks. And I think that no matter what it looks like it will look a thousand times better than what we've got.

Now just for fun, let's look at these cute bathrooms and I'll get jealous that our bathroom doesn't and will never look like this :)

I also day dream about putting a bathroom upstairs... which is NEVER going to happen and I am ok with that. But if we ever did, it would have a slanted ceiling like this. So I had to save this picture when I saw it... just in case :)

Bowl sinks are pretty darn cool,too...

Ok, that's probably enough. I need to go clean/spackle/tape the bathroom to get ready for tomorrow morning. Fun fun. I can't wait until it's done!


  1. oooh girl. we are in desperate need of a new bathroom, too. and you so need to get that for your dog!! :)

  2. i just posted a long comment and it got deleted!! oh well. your bathroom has potential. go with the grey on the walls. paint the vanity grey too, the base white. get a new faucet, mirror and shelf. add some hardware to the doors. paint the grout on your wall the same color as the grout used in the tile floors.