Friday, January 7, 2011

CB2 Deliciousness.

Dexter is annoying me so much already today, so I decided to do a photoshoot with my new dishes that I got for Christmas and just ignore him for a little bit.

He stuck right by my side the entire time, thank goodness. If he wanders off at all that usually means he is going to go pee or poop somewhere and wait for me to find it. He does pretty good for how young he is, but sometimes I think I can trust him to go off on his own... and then I stumble upon something I'd rather not find and realize that no... no, he cannot be trusted.

I love my new dishes though, so it cheered me up to play with them :) And now he's playing with his toys, so that makes me happy too.

Here they are!

All from CB2... Have I ever mentioned how much I love that store??? Well, I do. Lots.

Dinner plate and salad plate.

They are actually the Cuatro Platters, but I thought they would be kinda cool to use as plates. The salad plate is probably a little too small, but it works. I like them.
Salad plate and Soup bowl.


Mini Appetizer plate and bowl. They are so freaking cute.

You can buy Mini appetizer forks, too, and they are awful tempting after seeing how small these really are.

3 part server. I love it.

Curved server and appetizer spoons.

Large platter and serving bowl. I think these are the only two things besides the mini appetizer plates that I haven't used yet.

Aren't they pretty? :)

Dinner plate and a cute mug :) I really just took this picture so I can show you this next one...

So, every year Michael's side of the family does a gift exchange with his aunts, uncles and cousins. His Aunt had me this year (and last year actually) and she got me dishes. She had no idea that I was getting dishes for Christmas or where they were from or anything. I guess Michael's mom had told her that I like stores like Crate & Barrel and IKEA and stuff like that, so she bought me a set of 4 of these from Crate & Barrel... Which is owned by the same company as CB2... Or Crate & Barrel owns CB2, I don't know. Something along those lines.

Awful similar, eh? :)

These plates are made to have the mug on it, though. See the bubble? The corners are rounded on these, and the mugs are a little different, but I was really surprised when I opened these. I like them a lot. I thought about returning them at first just because I wasn't sure what to do with them since they didn't match... Not that they have to, but I didn't know what I wanted to do. But I am definitely keeping them. They are on the top shelf of our cupboard with the dishes in them... and they are really cute. I'd say they are a tiny bit better quality than my dishes, but mine are really sturdy and nice too. I was actually surprised that they are as nice as they are considering how inexpensive they are.

I am really happy with all of them.

And here is my pretty KitchenAid mixer.


We got a little too spoiled for Christmas this year. Next year I am not asking for anything. I didn't ask for the mixer though, so maybe that won't work. I did buy half of the dishes myself, too. Michael's mom bought me half and I ordered the rest a few days later.

Despite me just saying how spoiled we are, all I can think about is going to IKEA and just wandering around for hours... and possibly coming home with something cute.

Who wants to go with me..................?

Kristin. Come here.


  1. OH! I will definitely go to IKEA with you!

  2. CUTE! LOVE all your pretty new dishes. I kind of have a thing for white/cream dishes. They're so classic and look so uncluttered and pretty. I have that same mixer too in white:) Great minds think alike!

    Thanks for your sweet comments btw. Way cute family!