Thursday, January 27, 2011

Bed Skirt Pillow Cases

Welllll... Since Kristin is BEGGING me to post something, I suppose I will.  Because I'm a nice sister :)  And I actually do have some things to share.

I am obsessed with ruffles.  Ruffled bedding, in particular.  It took everything I had inside me not to buy this bedding when we moved in here... 

...and now I wish I just would've done it because we've lived here for not quite 3 months and I'm already trying to switch our bedding around.  I am not getting rid of it or buying new bedding, but I'm trying to figure out how to keep it... and make it look totally different.  Michael is thrilled, let me tell ya.

I'm still not going to show you what our bedroom looks like now, but I'm a little happier with it already.  I will show you the fabric I made our curtains out of though:

 Dexter fleeing the scene... probably because I yelled at him and threatened to spank his booty.  I tell him I'm going to spank his booty about 50 times a day... and that is the ONLY time I ever say the word booty... I don't know why, so don't ask :)


I made the curtains yesterday.  NO you can't see them... Michael came upstairs last night and said ''What are these??'' and I said ''Curtains...'' and he said ''When did this happen?'' ... Um... today?? He is not very observant so it wouldn't be out of the ordinary for him to have not noticed them for a week.  But, good for him, he noticed right away :) I suppose they are a pretty noticeable change from these:


SO... To bring my love of ruffles into the bedroom somehow without making a ruffled comforter, which I thought VERY seriously about (I would have tried to make one like this because it would've been A LOT quicker than the other Urban Outfitters one I love... we all know how impatient I am, right?), I made some ruffled pillows... out of the bed skirt that came with our bedding.  We don't use it because we have a platform bed and a bedskirt just isn't really necessary.  Plus I'm not a huge fan of them anyways.

The bed skirt that has been sitting in a closet since November.  

I don't believe I threatened to spank Dexter's booty during this one... 

The part of the bed skirt that goes under the mattress is what I'd be making them out of (and I used the part that hangs down for the ruffles), but this fabric is THINNNN.  So I decided it had to be lined with something.  And since I made new curtains, why not line these bed skirt pillows with our old curtains?? 
Getting the pieces cut out.

After all of the pieces got cut out, I used fabric glue to glue the pieces together so they'd stay in place.  Fabric glue is my best friend... especially since my sewing machine likes to jam up every 20 seconds.

 (I like the bubble on top)
I started making these pillows yesterday, but decided to take a break since my machine was completely jammed and all I could think about was throwing it out the window.

Thankfully I got it working fairly well today, so I am getting them finished.  Phew.

Starting to put the ruffles on the top of the pillow case.  I started to make the ruffles like this because I thought it might turn out a little better than how I normally do them.  But, after doing one this way, I decided that it seemed like kind of a waste of time to stitch through them all then pull the strings to make it ruffle up, then pin it to the pillow case and then sew it... (BUT, I do think it is a good way to do ruffles. Again, I am just too impatient.)

I ended up doing what I did on our stockings and just kind of smooshed the fabric as I was sewing.   I don't have a better way to describe it than "smooshing" unfortunately.  It is a lot faster. 

One done! I could have made these much more full if I had made my strips longer, but I like them like this.

After I got all 4 ruffles sewed onto the top of the pillow, I turned them all so that the right sides were facing each other then pinned all of the pieces together to finish up!


On the pillow...

I am still finishing up the second one, and I plan on making other pillow cases for the rest of the pillows on our bed too... but probably no more ruffles.

I kinda love it though.  I am happy we still had our bed skirt because now these pillows will match our comforter perfectly and look like they belong.

Oh, and I have flipped our comforter over so now the leaves are facing down and our comforter is just plain beige.

It's going to be cute!!!!

Hopefully I can get it finished up soon.



  1. Can't wait to see the curtains and the pillows look great! You're so clever!

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    Thanks for the sweet comment about my little Alice. :)

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