Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Attic Spaces

I love our house a lot, and I love our "attic" bedroom... but I don't know what to do with the space.

I think I've gotten Michael on board with my built in shelves idea, now let's just see if it happens any time soon. I sent him a few links today for instructions on how to built shelves into a knee wall :) He likes them, and I know he'd like to have them too, but it will be a fairly big project so I'm not sure what we'll do about that.

I have been looking through some attic space bedrooms today and some of these spaces are freaking amazing looking. It makes me want to do much better things with our upstairs.

I'm still dreaming about our future window seat that will some day be up there, but other than that I just don't know what to do.

Here's a refresher on what it looks like upstairs... I never take pictures up there, so these are all old... Not a ton has changed, but it looks better than it does in these pictures I think. I'll have to take new pictures one of these days...:

That curtain panel is gone and new curtains are up, but it mostly looks the same from this direction. I feel like we could do so much in this room, but what??

Those brown curtains are not there anymore, and those vases of flowers are gone too. Picture frames are sitting in those spots now:

I REALLY want to paint the bookshelf but Michael doesn't want too... I'll let it go for now, but I'll probably keep mentioning it until he gives in :) It would look SO much better painted though I'm pretty positive.

Our room:
Those bedroom changes I mentioned last time are still being worked out, and I'm not sure now long it will be before I'm ready to share :) So... This is how you'll have to remember our bedroom for a while. Those brown curtains need to go... I do not like them at all... Blech. That's part of my plan for the bedroom but I haven't decided if I'm going to make curtains or try to find some... I need to check out fabric one of these days.

That curtain panel is gone too. All of the windows upstairs (besides the one behind our bed) have matching curtains, and it looks much brighter everywhere. Those panels really blocked out the light.

The tiniest closet doors ever. I hate them. I would kind of like to just knock out those closets and turn that whole dormer where my vanity is into a walk-in closet. But I'm not sure how that would look, and again... it's a big project. But it would definitely be nice not to have to maneuver through the closets we have now. They are not set up very efficiently. The people who lived here before us used this upstairs as a studio... so those closets were set up only to have shelves in them... no rod or anything... because they used the shelves for their pottery and paintings. They would've been perfect for that, but for clothes?? Not so much.

I have a lot of things I want to do to this house... I know we haven't even been here for 3 months yet, and I should just relax and give it some time but I am SOOOO impatient. I want these things to happen immediately :) Annnnnd that's just not going to happen. So I'll continue to just day dream about these changes until they actually do start happening. It's a good thing I like to day dream, because it might be a while.

NOW, the fun part. Let's have a look at some houses that are lucky enough to have people who know what they are doing:

I want this window seat to be mine so badly... it is the cutest ever. I don't even care about the pull out bed, really, just a drawer would be good enough for me.

I would DIE to have a bathroom upstairs... It would be so so so nice. I'm not even going to start dreaming about having a bathroom up there though because I know we will never do it. But every time I see a tiny little bathroom I always think about how we could squeeze it upstairs somewhere and it would be A-MA-ZING. Seriously.

I would never want an all white bedroom, but I love how bright and cozy they look.

This picture reminds me that a new light fixture is on my list of things to do to our bedroom, too.

So many skylights in these rooms! I like the look of them a lot but I am not sure I'd want one in our bedroom... It would creep me out to sleep with a window above me I think.

Ahh.... built in dressers.................................. Be mine.

Bathroom...... how nice that must be...

Another built in shelf I like. I am not going to be picky at all with what ours (yes, we will have one some day) is going to look like... I just love built in shelves. I would like to be able to put our TV on it though maybe... Like this:

Except we do not have a TV that big in our bedroom... We did in our apartment, actually, but now that TV is in the basement... And it is not necessary to have a TV that big upstairs. Something that will fit nicely on our new shelves is good enough for me :)

Another bathroom... Ahhh.......

So cute, right?

Some day our bedroom will be more comfortable. I hope that day comes sooner rather than later. It just feels like a cave up there to me. It isn't warm and cozy like a bedroom should be... And I don't know exactly what to do to make that happen.

I'm sure we'll get it figured out though. Give me a few more months and hopefully we'll be a little closer to something satisfactory to me :)

Michael couldn't care less if we just slept on a pile of blankets on the floor somewhere, so I know he will be no help to me in deciding what to do. His one opinion on this house is that I can't paint the bookshelves. No fair :)

I'll get him, you just wait.


  1. what a fun place to work with!!! can't wait to see what you do!

  2. I love attic style rooms like this!! You've got some great inspiration pics, can't wait to see what you do!

    and I love that rug from IKEA you have, it's so cute!

  3. The pictures above were all magnificent! I want to remodel my attic room after seeing these gorgeous inspirations. Your attic bedroom looks great too! I have a question, though. Do you mind having skylights on your room as well? Well, that would be a wonderful feature in your room. If you want more light to enter your room and brighten things up, it's the best option you can have.

    Kent Ahlquist @ Knox’s Construction