Friday, December 17, 2010


While Dexter was outside doing his business yesterday I was seeing the most ridiculously awesome snowflakes.

I don't think I have ever seen snowflakes like this in my entire life. And they were so thick, they sounded like sprinkles hitting the ground... it was the weirdest thing. That might be because they were landing on Dexter's pee pad... but let's pretend like we aren't looking at that in these pictures.

But they were soooo cool!

Have you ever seen snowflakes like this??? I really don't think I have... definitely not this tiny and thick and perfect looking.

It was awesome. And it made standing out in the cold with Dexter much more enjoyable.

I can't wait to start baking Christmas cookies!!!! I might have to start tomorrow. I thought I'd do it Sunday but I just can't wait much longer. Ah.

One of these days I am going to work on making our bedroom more cozy. I don't think we have adjusted to having all of this room yet. Our apartment was pretty small and so warm and comfortable, and now that we have a house we haven't really learned that we can hang out in other rooms besides the living room :)

SO. The bedroom is next. It just isn't what it should be. It feels like a cave sometimes and it's just not good.

Any good advice on how to warm up a room with decorations? I'm pretty stumped on this room since it has those slanted ceilings.

This is an old picture actually, we do have two fabric wrapped canvases above each nightstand... but it still needs something...

I like my vanity in there, but it seems too empty and cold in there. I've also got a shoe rack back there, but I'd like something on that back wall...

Our tiny little closets...

I bought a clock to hang beside that left closet door but Michael killed it in the middle of the night because it was too loud. So now it sits on top of Dexter's crate because I read that a ticking clock is supposed to be soothing for dogs... I don't know if it's true or not, but it's still sitting there.

What else can I hang there besides a clock?

Ooooo... I just found the pictures I took last week that I forgot to share. I might have to take another picture though because they've changed slightly since these...

This is not a new one but I am obsessed with our wreath. It was so easy but I am pretty proud of it :)

I love the lighted garland, I forget about it sometimes... I need to remember to turn those lights on more often, they make me so happy. I am obsessed with Christmas lights.

So... Michael and I buy each other stocking stuffers for Christmas. And apparently he does not follow the rules because he kept saying that he didn't think any of his presents would fit in a stocking. So I made us each a bag to shove presents in. I thought about just making a bag for me, but how selfish would that have looked if he had a stocking and I had a stocking AND a bag? Hilarious.

This is a pretty random little set up, but I kinda like it. That table needed something on it and I had all of this stuff laying around. And since I put ZERO ornaments on our tree this year, I had plenty to spare :)

Notice that we do not have a tree topper... I can't find any that I like enough to put on there. I actually like it without one though... if only our tree were a little taller I would be perfectly happy with it. No idea how tall our tree is... but it's hardly taller than me and Michael... so you know it's short.

It is going to be a sad day when the Christmas decorations have to come down. We don't even have that many up, but I have a feeling it is going to feel wayyy too empty in here.


  1. The snowflakes are beautiful! As for the bedroom-- for some reason I think a wall of flowy sheer fabric would be really pretty on the back wall by your vanity. It would add texture and warmth. Also, maybe a chest at the end of the bed with some candles or something. And a live plant also makes rooms feel more homier (: Hope that helps a little!

    Your house is the Christmas decorations. So fun! I love all the lights, too!

  2. Those snowflakes are incredible...I love the look of them, so gorgeous! Seeing snowflakes like that sure makes me feel like Christmas really is here! And your stocking bags are so cute!