Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Lil Pumpkin Baby Shower

Kristin pointed out to me that I promised baby shower pictures, so I suppose I should share them with her considering she's the only one who reads this thing :)

I bought THIS Baby Shower package on Etsy and it was perfect and adorable and got about a billion compliments, so I was really happy with everything! We used these invitations and envelopes and just about everything that is included in it, but I didn't get a picture of the invitations unfortunately and I didn't even end up with any extras... But this was seriously super easy and cute and I was so happy I found it.

There were more things we did from the collection that we didn't get pictures of and I REALLY wish we would've... we made favor boxes and had signs up and everything. D'oh.

Here they are! The pictures didn't turn out as well as I wanted them to, but that's ok:

I took all of these before anyone showed up and before all of the food was out, and didn't think to take more once everything was completely set up! But you get the idea.

The pumpkin fruit arrangement was pretty perfect.
I put labels of what all of the food was because I really wanted to use this little tags :)

These pumpkin cake balls were the biggest pain ever. I kept burning the chocolate and it was a gigantic mess. They don't look at all like I wanted them to, but they worked. And like nobody ate them :) Ha.

Chocolate chip cookie dough cupcakes. I hear they were delicious, unfortunately my anti-gluten stomach couldn't have any.

Candy bars wrapped in ''Lil Pumpkin'' wrappers. Cute cute cute!

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  1. I'm telling you, those printable kits are awesome!!! I can't wait until my little girl's next bday!!