Friday, December 31, 2010

Flea Markets are my new best friend.

Michael and I have been hitting up flea markets lately... Well, really just today and yesterday... and we've only been to 2, but still.

We got this shelf from my sister, who got it from my mom and I have been trying to think of what to put on it since she gave it to me.

It is actually an old printer's drawer, but I always see them as shelves and think they look so cool.

I didn't know what I should put on it. My mom had one when we were growing up and she always had little old knick knacks on it and I always thought they were so cool... so I thought maybe I'd just start looking for stuff like that.

Then Michael mentioned using skeleton keys to hang on hooks by our front door just to look cool... so then I decided that putting old keys on that shelf might look kinda cool too.

So that's what inspired our flea market trips.

We went to one last night that was really cool but CROWDED and it was so hard to look at everything... We didn't really find any keys at all so it was kind of a bummer. But Michael did find a ginormous Schlitz mug that he thought was pretty awesome. He loves Schlitz stuff, so he bought it and is planning on drinking out of it tonight for our New Year's celebration.

This will hold about 64 ounces of Schlitz. I might be in for an interesting night... and Michael might be sleeping on the couch :)

Today's trip was much more successful. We ended up finding a rack that had a bunch of old keys hanging on it, so we picked a few of those and thought we'd just leave happy with them. But then I found an entire jar of keys and could see that there were some old ones in there that looked kinda cool. We really only found one actual skeleton key, the rest are just old looking but still neat.

The design on this one is cool.

These are the ones we bought separate, and they are definitely the coolest of the bunch, but I'm still happy we bought the jar too.

I also came home with this bird's nest candle holder.

I saw a few of these there, and it's not that amazing or anything... but I want to spray paint it white and then I think it will be much cuter.

I also got this cheese server...

but I thought I'd spray paint the bottom of that white, too, and then find something to put in there and just use it as a decoration somewhere. I have been looking for something more like these that are taller:

I think they actually sell things like this at Hobby Lobby and those types of places... but it's more fun to find them at a flea market or garage sale or somewhere like that.

And always see people do such cute things with them like this family tree craft on Martha Stewart's website.

I don't think I would get quite that creative with mine if I had a tall skinny one, but it definitely looks good.

I just looked up glass dome on Etsy and found this...

This is identical to mine, no? And they are selling it for $52 when I bought mine for $2??? Craziness.

Maybe I should try to make a living buying things at flea markets and selling them on Etsy.

I'm pretty sure I'm going to be going back to these flea markets (and hopefully some new ones) on a fairly regular basis. I looooove looking through stuff like that. We were in each of them for a long long time, but I could have stayed in there for so much longer. I feel like we should've made 2 or 3 laps around just to make sure we saw everything. There was so much to see.

But we had to get home to Dexter so he doesn't hate us. He's been behaving himself much better over the last few days. He's so dang cute... Except when he pees/poops in the house then I tell him he's going to get thrown in the garbage. I'm pretty sure that shaped him up :)

Have a terriffic New Year's!!

Christmas number 3 for us on Sunday.


  1. Hi! I'm popping over from bugaboo, mini, mr & me and wanted to say thanks for commenting on the polka dot party I threw my daughter! What nice compliments! I really honestly did throw most of it together the night before... well, as far as food and set up...

    I LOVE flea markets (but there aren't many of them around here) and thrifting, too. You got some awesome finds. I sure love that drawer turned shelf up there from your sister!

  2. I looove a good flea market! There are so many treasures to find.