Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Dexter's New Wardrobe

Definitely done baking.

I made a tray for Michael to take to work today and he was mad that I put so much on there because he thinks he will eat it all, but I made SO much stuff we've got tons left over. I made 2 trays to take to his parent's house for Christmas Eve and packed FOUR tins full of stuff to take to my sisters and to some friends and there is still a bunch left. So I guess I'm just going to take all of it over to his parents house and try to leave it there with them :)

I guess we'll be going to Michael's Aunt and Uncle's house on Christmas day so I can probably take some there too. I just want to get rid of this stuff!

I love making this stuff but I wish I could make it and have it out of my house within the same day :)

I had to run to Target today to get a couple of totes so that I can organize our closets a little better, and I always have to walk through and look at the dollar bins... and they had dog jackets and shirts int here and they were too cute to resist...

I got him a little brown corduroy jacket, a little white shirt with a Christmas tree on it that he is DEFINITELY wearing on Christmas day :) , and a little green shirt with a hood... Too cute...

And I put a bow on his head :) Ha. He kept trying to eat it so I had to get it out of the way.......

He is so cute! :)

He is being so naughty today though... driving me crazy...

Ok, back to cleaning.


  1. If only I was going to bake more:

  2. oh. Dexter is so cute. His name is awesome.